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Heavy Friends
Saturday April 18th, 2015 with Chris Ikonomopoulos
The Heavy Feature - Early Pointer Sisters + more

Out of the gate with some ska, rock steady and dub.

[this reggae music segment was re-aired on Heavy Friends June 19, 2021]
Jamaica Ska
Prince Buster and the Maytals - 45 - Wildbells
Burning Creation
Prince Buster - 45 - Blue Beat
Pressure and Slide Pt 1
Hubert Lee - 45 - Studio 1
Party Time
The Heptones - Party Time - Studio 1
People Rock Steady
The Uniques - Do The Rock Steady 1966 - 1968 - Voice of Jamaica
Calico Suit
The Mighty Two - 45 - Island
Disco Devil
Lee Perry - 45 - Upsetters
Rock With Me version
U Roy - 45 - Action
Dillinger - 45 - Island
A Showing You version
Roots Radics Band - 45 - Sky High
Taxi Gang - 45 - Power House
Next we shuffle around to Syria, Mali, France and America.

[this international music segment was re-aired on Turn Up The Radio, June 21, 2021]
Hafer Gabrak Bidi
Omar Souleyman - Jazeera Nights - 02014 - Sublime Frequencies
DJ Bamanan - Balani Show Super Hits - Electronic Street Parties From Mali - 02015 - Sahel Sounds
Hanaa Ouassim - Acid Arab Collection - 02013 - Versatile
Akkord - Modeselektion Vol. 3 - 02014 - Monkeytown
Back to The Future Pt II
D'ángelo and the Vangaurd - Black Messiah - 02014 - RCA
And now for a small feature on the first few Pointer Sisters LPs and one offs.
That's How I Feel
The Pointer Sister - S/T - 01973 - Blue Thumb
Grinning In Your Face [Son House cover]
The Pointer Sisters - That's A Plenty - 01974 - Blue Thumb
Save The Bones For Henry Jones
The Pointer Sisters - Steppin - 01975 - Blue Thumb
You Gotta Believe
The Pointer Sisters & Rose Royce - Car Wash sndtrk - 01976 - MCA
And finally a bit of rap music to end the program. Not a dominant genre on this show but still a weighty player in the heavy canon.

[this rap music segment was re-aired on Turn Up The Radio, June 21, 2021]
Golden Rule
Maroons w/ Erin Anova - Quannum Spectrum - 01999 - Quannum Projects
"Cut Chemist Suite
Ozomatli - 12" - 01998 - Almo
Duck Alert
Marley Marl - In Control - 01988 - Cold Chillin
Have A Nice Day
Roxanne Shante - 12'' - Master Cuts
Drop The Bomb
Brand Nubian - One For All - 01990 - Elektra
Hip Hop vs Rap
KRS-One / Spinbad - 12" - Private
Needle In The Groove
Mantronix - The Album - 01985 - Sleeping Bag Records
Electric Kingdom
Twilight 22 - 12" - 01983 - Vangaurd
Interactive CKCU
Mike P.
80's triple vinyl box set of early Lee Perry productions etc. on label tat I think starts with a T. Can you help me recall the label? Bought it at Spinables decades ago but unfortunately no longer have it. Loved it so much!

8:23 PM, April 18th, 2015
Chris Ikonomopoulos (host)
I'd Guess Trojan.

8:24 PM, April 18th, 2015
Chris Ikonomopoulos (host)
May have been the Lee Perry and Friends Build the Black Arc box set.

8:27 PM, April 18th, 2015
Dave JC
Came back from the laundry and thought Althea and Donna was playing, but not. This track's also similar to Max Romeo's Chase the Devil.

8:30 PM, April 18th, 2015
Mike P.
Sure didn't take you long. I'm still responding to Trojan, yes, and might have been the above mentioned. Most of the tracks were early reggae artists performing songs written or produced by Scratch. Thanks Chris!

8:32 PM, April 18th, 2015
Chris Ikonomopoulos (host)
Thanks for listening! It was the dub of Uptown Top Rankin so it sorta was Althia and Donna. The Chase the Devil'ish track was Lee Perry doing his thing over the Max Romeeo track. Was produced by Lee Perry so I guess he can do whatever he wants with it!

8:32 PM, April 18th, 2015
Dave JC
Nice, and he definitely can. Thanks.

8:34 PM, April 18th, 2015
Lady M
Great mix!

9:53 PM, April 18th, 2015
Chris Ikonomopoulos (host)
Thank You Mary!

3:52 PM, December 7th, 2019