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Heavy Friends
Saturday April 6th, 2013 with B-Roy & K-Stu
What's In Our Sell Bins?

Witchcraft - The Alchemist - Rise Above (02007)
Hawkwind - Warrior On The Edge Of Time - United Artists (01975)
Rocker's Escape
San Francisco Water Cooler - San Francisco Water Cooler - (02006)
First set rundown...
Sittin' On A Red Hot Stove
Kool And Together - Kool And Together - Light In The Attic (01973, 02011)
The Meters - Struttin' - Josie (01970)
Can't Keep Love Down
Scientist - Meets The Crazy Mad Professor At Channel One - Jamaican Recordings (02011)
Ababa Dub
Om - Advaitic Dubplate - Drag City (02013) New
Holographic Sandcastles
Doldrums - Lesser Evil - Arbutus (02013) Canadian New
Second set rundown...
Heartbreak Hotel
Blues Magoos - Never Goin' Back To Georgia - ABC (01969) Canadian
Boogie For George
UFO - UFO 1 - Rare Earth (01971)
Iron Swan
The Sword - Age Of Winters - Kemado (02006)
Split - Part Two
Groundhogs - Split - Libterty (01971)
Mystic Sister, Magick Brother
Gong - Magick Brother - BYG/Affinity (01969)
Beginning: The Long March
Henry Cow - In Praise Of Learning - Virgin (01975)
Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting
Charlie Mingus - Blues & Roots - Atlantic
Third set rundown...
Richard "Groove" Holmes - Soul Message - Prestige (01965)
Tortoise - TNT - Thrill Jockey (01998)
Voodoo Chile
Gil Evans Orchestra - Plays The Music Of Jimi Hendrix - RCA (01974)
Here's To The State Of Mississippi
Phil Ochs - I Ain't Marching Anymore - Elektra (01965)
Interactive CKCU
lady m
Kool & Together are brothers; like the Jacksons, only, cool, and together, like.

8:30 PM, April 6th, 2013
Murk Mucknmire
lady mary and her heavy meatball sub.

8:39 PM, April 6th, 2013
Murk Mucknmire
cousin lary and his spazzy friends.

8:44 PM, April 6th, 2013
I Scream Sunday
very berry and the dairy blends

8:48 PM, April 6th, 2013
holographic sandwitches
uncle jerry and his scabby hens.

8:49 PM, April 6th, 2013
Cold Tea
Airy Fairy and the weather trends

8:51 PM, April 6th, 2013
cold coffee and salty fruits
holy tony has got the bends.

8:52 PM, April 6th, 2013
Al Fib
holy bololey and the larder cleanse

8:56 PM, April 6th, 2013
doctor shlocter eats oats and honey.

9:05 PM, April 6th, 2013
Murk Mucknmire
my drum kit has got me down.

9:06 PM, April 6th, 2013
Mother Paneer
hold the pickle.

9:12 PM, April 6th, 2013
Murk Mucknmire
if bijon had a police record, i would call the cops.

9:29 PM, April 6th, 2013
dingus maclean.
fack. i'd grab both the gong and hank cow.

9:31 PM, April 6th, 2013
Sir Sandy
This knight likes dis night.

4:10 PM, April 14th, 2013
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