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Friends with Benefits
Tuesday December 11th, 2018 with Tonya Price
Interviews with Nour Hadidi and Nicole Muaka

Please consider donating to help children and families in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: Be sure to add the Shenkman Arts Centre's NYE Comedy special to your holiday calendar:
Love Lift Us
Megan Jerome - Ooh Aah Canadian
Lover of Mine
Outside I'm a Giant - Point Comfort Canadian
Gentle Temper
Elliot Brood - Ghost Gardens Canadian
Burn That Bridge
Donovan Woods - Both Ways Canadian
Catherine MacLellan - If It's Alright with You: The Songs of Gene MacLellan Canadian
It's That Time of Year Again
Pat Moore - The Christmas Pudding Canadian
Thanks A Lot
The Olympic Symphonium - Beauty in the Tension Canadian
Where The Wild River Flows
Ian Tamblyn - Let It Go Canadian
My Sweet Rosetta
Trevor Alguire - Perish in the Light Canadian
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