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Friends with Benefits
Tuesday August 28th, 2018 with Tonya Price
New music Tuesday!

Connect with Emma Lamontagne and listen to her great tracks: @emmalamontagnemusic Alexis Neon are new to Bandcamp, check them out:
All For One
Emma Lamontagne - Single Canadian New
I Don't Sleep
Emma Lamontagne - Single Canadian
Alexis Neon - Single Canadian New
Home is Where
Caveboy - Caveboy Canadian
If It's Alright With You
Catherine MacLellan - If It's Alright With You Canadian
Catherine MacLellan - If It's Alright With You Canadian
Sapannga Sujunukua
Beatrice Deer - My All To You Canadian
The Carny
William Prince - Earthly Days Canadian
Our Friend Bobby
Donovan Woods - Both Ways Canadian
Eamon McGrath - Tantramar Canadian
I Can't Take You With Me (Charlene's Theme)
Whitehorse - Panther in the Dollhouse Canadian
I am Fine
Old Man Luedecke - Live at the Chester Playhouse Canadian New
Matt Anderson & The Mellotones - Live at Olympic Hall Canadian New
Interactive CKCU
Great set of tunes

4:47 PM, August 28th, 2018