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Friends with Benefits
Tuesday January 28th, 2014 with Tonya Price
All Local Ottawa music!

Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia Instrumental)
US3 - Hand on the Torch
Lose Yourself
Kellylee Evans - I Remember When Canadian
The River
Sillken Laumann - Not Forever Enough Canadian New
Different Heros Ft. Northern Voices
A Tribe Called Red - Nation II Nation Canadian
Old Alberta Red
Morgan Friend - Angel Goin' Down Canadian
Oh Karen!
Slo' Tom - I'm Sick Canadian
Something Beautiful
Lynn Miles - Fall For Beauty Canadian
The Bridge
Still Winter Hills - Late Night Souls Canadian
The Kingmakers - Last Night in Nashville Canadian
Venus at Your Backdoor
Hilotrons - At Least There's Commotion Canadian
Hell is Rising
Ninety Pounds of Ugly - Never Comin' Back Canadian
Change the Sheets
Kathleen Edwards - Voyageur Canadian
I Am The New Number Two
The Reverb Syndicate - Operation: Jet Set Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Hi Tonya! Do you read these? Could you please play music by Ottawa band Still Native? Thx

4:26 PM, January 28th, 2014
Tonya Price (host)
Hi Joelle, I will try to find their album. Thank you for the suggestion!

4:28 PM, January 28th, 2014
Thanks Tonya!

4:28 PM, January 28th, 2014
You have a technical error. Right now there's music that plays in the background every 30 seconds or so & plays for a few seconds and then goes away again.

4:33 PM, January 28th, 2014
Tonya Price (host)
Thanks for letting me know. Is it ok now?

4:37 PM, January 28th, 2014
Yes! Much better.

4:39 PM, January 28th, 2014
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