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Sunday Night Mind Melt
Sunday August 5th, 2012 with Bijon Roy
Festival of Civics In The Cool August Moon

Turn those neon running lights up to full, it's the August Holiday/Fest of Civics...
Lazy Light
MV & EE - Lazy Light [7"] - Medusa Editions (02012) New
St Elmo's Fire
Brian Eno - Another Green World - Island (01975)
Koi Pond - So Higher - Sonic Meditations (02012) New
Om - Advaitic Songs - Drag City (02012) New
Beyond Clouds Hill
Faust - Faust / Like A Stuntman Split - Bureau B (02012) New
First set rundown...
He Wants To Sleep In A Dream
Fire! with Oren Ambarchi - In The Mouth - A Hand - Rune Grammofon (02012) New
Happy Ending
Terry Riley - Happy Ending - Warner Bros. (01972)
The Black Chord
Astra - The Black Chord - Rise Above (02012) New
The Bevis Frond - Head Music - Fruits de Mer (02012) New
Sweet Jesus
White Manna - White Manna - Holy Mountain (02012) New
Language Of Light - Head Music - Fruits de Mer (02012) New
Ancestors - In Dreams And Time - Tee Pee (02012) New
Second set rundown...
On Jones Beach Pt. 1
Glacial - On Jones Beach - Three Lobed Recordings (02012) New
Five Miles High
Flower-Corsano-Hejnowski - The Count Visits - Hot Cars Warp (02011)
Interactive CKCU
The Captain
Civic owners: You can only drive down main street so many times!

12:04 AM, August 6th, 2012
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