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Sunday Night Mind Melt
Sunday August 8th, 2021 with Bijon Roy
Water And Dust

Milk A Cow With A Monkey Wrench
Oren Ambarchi - Stacte Karaoki - Black Truffle (02014)
Simian Angel
Oren Ambarchi - Simian Angel - Editions Mego (02019)
Diddy's Darkest Kongfession > Watching Water Creep Up My Lawn In Real Life > xt_RISEMONO improvisation > Hax Approaching The Gallows > We Drippy Man > xt_TABLESCAN20 improvisation > Like Peter Gabriel Said, "Lord, Here Comes The Flood"
M. Geddes Gengras - Flowers Under Glass - M. Geddes Gengras (02021) New
Blurred Visions, Dreamt Sounds, And Other Futilities > The Great Comedown > Equal Parts Bend/Curve > The Clouds We Float In On Burn Out In The Sun
Growing - Humming Amps Vol. 4: Melodies In Dilapidated States - Growing (02021) New
Gerde > Gättö > Gesterlund > Geppänen > Gaurila > Gehtisalo
Circle - Tower - Full Contact (02011)
Cold Seep
Grid - Decomposing Force - NNA Tapes (02020)
Park It Where The Sun Don't Shine
Oren Ambarchi - Stacte Karaoki - Black Truffle (02014)
Ten Dollar Man
ZZ Top - Tejas - London (01976)
Interactive CKCU
Acoustically Far Out Sonic Experience. Flowing instrumentals with a somewhat Grounded Earthy Vibe. PS: That is the Craziest Poutine Ad, I've ever heard!

1:03 AM, August 9th, 2021
Bijon Roy (host)
Glad you enjoyed, Alex!

9:55 AM, August 10th, 2021