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Sunday Night Mind Melt
Sunday June 12th, 2011 with Mary Mackinnon
Noise, Wonderful Noise

Sometimes intentional, sometimes accidental - wonderful chaotic noise.
I Must Confess I'm a Cannibal
Last Exit - Headfirst Into the Flames - Muworks 01993
Amphetamine Rhapsody
Henry Flynt - Henry Flynt & Nova Billy - Locust 02007
Third Uncle
801 - 801 Live - Virgin 02009
Chelsea Street Clinic Physical
Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers - Teenage Torture - Knitting Factory 02011 New
First set rundown, discussion of avant noise supergroup Last Exit.
They Shall Not Pass
The Ex - 1936 The Spanish Revolution - Ex Music 01997
Rabbit Punch
OffOnOff - Clash - Smalltown Superjazz 02007
Snack Attack > Meet You in Shinsaibashi
GuruGuru Fest - GuruGuru Fest 2010 - Chaotic Noise Recordings 02011 New
Second track list rundown; accidentally chaotic noise courtesy of interaction of Guruguru with CD player #1; discussion of son of avant noise supergroup offonoff; encouragement to get out and see drummer Paal Nilssen-Love with Atomic or the Thing at Ottawa Jazz Fest or Suoni (look for listings June 22-26).
Paris I
Pinhas/Merzbow - Paris 2008 - Cuneiform 02011 New
That which will rise from death here tonight
Kikuri - Pulverized Purple - Victo 02007
Black Earth
Spires that in the Sunset Rise - Curse the Traced Bird - Secret Eye 02008
Papaya Plantation
Michael Snow - Playing the Radio - A Personal History - Blackwood Gallery 02009 Canadian
Side B last track
Beautifuzz - Beautifuzz - Spectrasonic 01997 Canadian
Septieme Match - Moscou
La Serie Canada/Russie - s/t - Radiomutuel 01973 Canadian
Kids Should Wear Equipment
The Two Sides of Bobby Orr - s/t - ARC Sound 01970 Canadian
Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman
Ornette Coleman and Charlie Haden - Soap Suds - Artists House 01977
Third set rundown, including discussions of noise guru Akita Masami, dean of Canadian radio noise Michael Snow, and recognition of current hockey noises. Notice of NEXUS performance of Steve Reich Drumming at Ottawa Chamberfest July 31st.
Masaharu Sato - Tappi - Masara Records 02011 New
Drumming, Part One
Steve Reich - Drumming: Music for Mallet Instruments - Deutsche Grammophon 01974
How the Soul has Arrived at Understanding of her Nothingness
Josef Van Wissem - A Priori - Incunabulum 02009
Don't Come Down, Darkness
Larkin Grimm - Harpoon - Secret Eye 02005