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Sunday Night Mind Melt
Sunday February 24th, 2019 with Bijon Roy
Paris - Part II: Zeuhl > Zoyd > Melt

This is part two in our series on music from Paris... The series is not intended to provide a comprehensive survey of music from Paris (a project so colossal it would be foolish to attempt), and we'll be skipping over many of the bands, projects, and better-known albums that we've featured on this show in the past. Instead, and recognizing this show's focus on records as objets d'art in and of themselves, our series will (with perhaps one or two exceptions) feature only music from albums recently found/discovered in the many excellent record shops of Paris...
Paris - Beautiful May
Richard Pinhas - East West - CBS (01980)
Kobah > Lïhns (La Pluie) > Hhaï (Extrait De Ëmëhntëht-Rê)
Magma - Magma Live (Magma Hhaï) - Utopia (01975)
Gya-Tei (Part 1 & Part 2)
Xalph - Xalph - Monster Melodies (01980, 02018)
La Ville
Art Zoyd - Génération Sans Futur - Atem (01980)
Deux Images De La Cité Imbécile: Les Fourmis
Art Zoyd - Symphonie Pour Le Jour Où Brûleront Les Cités - Atem (01981)
Art Zoyd - Phase IV - Recommended (01982)
Cryogenese: Les Portes Du Futur > Sortie 134 (Part Two)
Art Zoyd - Le Mariage Du Ciel Et De L'Enfer - Cryonic (01985)
L'Albatros > Hiver 84
Human - Un Certain Pays - Cryonic (01985)
Per Tallec Trio - Mannawyddan - Per Tallec Trio (01984)
Pleine Lune
Roger Melt - Pleine Lune - GK (01984)
Entrance K7
Ariel Kalma - French Archives 1977-1980 - Black Sweat (02017)
Slow Space Rumba
Ariel Kalma - French Archives 1977-1980 - Black Sweat (02017)
Roger Melt - Pleine Lune - GK (01984)
Interactive CKCU