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Sunday Night Mind Melt
Sunday January 23rd, 2011 with Dave Faught
Profile of Jandek's 'Manhattan Tuesday - An Afternoon Of Insensitivity' live performance!

Happy to be back in the 11pm-2am spot, even if it's not the Nightwatch! Many thanks to Bijon for asking me to fill in for him - I may not be up to his exemplary style of radio, (evidenced by the abrupt transition between the heavy-rockin' Litmus cut and the Jandek feature) but I was able to bring a recent Jandek live performance to the table, one that features Loren Connors on guitar, Chris Corsano on drums and Matt Heyner on Bass! After that, we descended into some jammin' material, the slowly metamorphized into a prog headspace. Challenging head-music for all! Bijon will be holding down the next 2 Sunday nights, so give him a warm welcome-back!
Bitch's Brew
Nomeansno - One Canadian
Yoo Doo Right
Thin White Rope - The One that Got Away
The Watcher
Hawkwind - 1999 Party (live 1974)
Slow Creep
Endless Boogie - Full House Head Canadian
Expanding Universe (Twinstar Pt. 2)
Litmus - Planetfall
Part 1
Jandek - Manhattan Tuesday - An Afternoon of Insensitivity
Part 5
Jandek - Manhattan Tuesday - An Afternoon of Insensitivity
Part 6
Jandek - Manhattan Tuesday - An Afternoon of Insensitivity
You Can stay If You Want, But I'm going Home
Loren Connors and Jim O'Rourke - In Bern
Pills, Powers and Passion Plays
Jaga Jazzist Horns/Motorpsycho - In The Fishtank
Science Fiction is Today
Space Debris - Live Ghosts Canadian
Circus of Disharmony (pt 1 - excerpt)
TBWNIAS - Biker Smell Canadian
Paul's Overalls Hold Mould
Mahogany Frog - Mabus Canadian
Gong - Live Sheffield, 1974
McDonald and Giles - S/T