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Sunday Night Mind Melt
Sunday December 17th, 2017 with Dav Fot
Funday Fight Find Felt!

Special thanks to Mind Melt host and Broadcast-Brother Bijon for taking the reins on last week's Nightwatch! I return the flavour by loafing on his better nature and playing a host of self-indulgent pieces. Forgive me, Mind Melt Maniacs...
Starting with some tried-and-true progressive rock, which may not be traditional Mind Melt fare...
As Your Mind Flies By
Rare Bird - As Your Mind Flies By
Pony Buns
Horn - On The People's Side Canadian
Severity Town
Grobschnitt - Rockpommel's Land
OK, comfortable with leaving the prog behind and getting into some spacier material...
Sadness Runs Deep
Hawkwind - Electric Teepee
The Garden Hides the Jewel
Angels Of Light - New Mother
Astronomy Domine
Nash The Slash - In-a-Gadda-da-Nash Canadian
Finishing with some new-ish Canadiana - OK, Nash (RIP) is not 'new', but the CD of covers was released in 2008), and continuing with some great Toronto trance recorded in 2012. Haven't heard much from them in the past few years - the members are active, of course, but just not in this configuration.
El Nino
Amoeba Starfish - Oceans Older than Life Canadian
Conform to the Rhythm
Material - Memory Serves
Camera - Radiate!
Moving into heavier material for the nonce... but just the nonce...
Thousand Ton Torpedo
GMO - S/T Canadian
The Primitive Hoodoo
GR - A Reverse Age
Zero Gravity
Pharoah Overlord - Live in Suomi Finland
In Every Home a Heartache
Sun Dial - Mind Control
After a flurry of heavy(ish), back to the early 70's with an obscure Krauty Klassik, then an obscurity from Quebec, avante-garde composer/guitarist Rene Lussier and one piece from an album released in '96, and then a local gem - only an excerpt. One day I will play it in its entirety...
Part III
Yatha Sidhra - A Meditation Mass
Roche Noire
Rene Lussier - Trois Histoires Canadian
MRI Pt1 (except)
Crab Boat - Quality Rolls Canadian
Finishing off the Mind Melt with a fabulous (unauthorized) recording of The Residents in Nijmegen, The Netherlands on Oct. 31st of this year!! Not the whole thing, heavily excerpted, but you get the idea. Phenomenal performance!!
Jelly Jack
Residents - Dreaming Of Doornroosje
Mickey The Mumbling Midget
Residents - Dreaming Of Doornroosje
Baby Sister
Residents - Dreaming Of Doornroosje
The Black Behind
Residents - Dreaming Of Doornroosje
The Monkey Man
Residents - Dreaming Of Doornroosje
It's A Man's World
Residents - Dreaming Of Doornroosje
Rushing Like A Banshee
Residents - Dreaming Of Doornroosje
Train vs Elephant
Residents - Dreaming Of Doornroosje
From the Plains to Mexico
Residents - Dreaming Of Doornroosje
Tourniquet Of Roses
Residents - Dreaming Of Doornroosje
Interactive CKCU
Sandy and Lily
Happy last hour

11:08 PM, December 31st, 2017