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Sunday Night Mind Melt
Sunday February 12th, 2017 with Bijon Roy
Impossible To Say For Sure

It's impossible to say for sure. The playlist went something sortof like this. At least I can say that these records were involved. Somehow. Probably.
Pavement Rich In Gold
Growing - The Sky's Run Into The Sea - Kranky (02003)
The Lonely People (Are Getting Lonelier)
Stars Of The Lid - The Tired Sounds Of - Kranky (02001)
Major Spillage
White Rainbow - New Clouds - Kranky (02009)
Second Movement
Expo Seventy - America Here & Now Sessions - Essence (02016) New
Demian Castellanos - Ether - Cardinal Fuzz (02017) New
Xam Duo - Xam Duo - Sonic Cathedral (02016)
Xam - Tone Systems - Deep Distance (02015)
Town Dreamer
Rolf Trostel - Der Prophet - Uniton, Bureau B (01982, 02016)
The Vertical Dead
Gnod - Chaudelande Volume 1 - Tamed (02011)
Interactive CKCU