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Sunday Night Mind Melt
Sunday October 31st, 2010 with Bijon Roy
This Is No Time For Cheepnis - It's CKCU Funding Drive 2010!

Thanks to everyone who dialed & donated during the show. If you haven't yet got around to doing so, it's never too late to pledge online at!
Goblin - Roller - Attic (1976)
Funding Drive Rap #1 (acknowledging a minor concession to Halloween)...

If you love bad B-movies - as I know you do - be sure to check out CKCU's 35th Anniversary presentation of Troll 2: November 12 at the Mayfair Theatre.

Meanwhile, please Dial & Donate... and leave the Cheepnis to the monster movie directors!
Cheepnis > Son Of Orange County > More Trouble Every Day
Frank Zappa / Mothers - Roxy & Elsewhere - Discreet (1974)
Funding Drive Rap #2: I'm No Pitchman (unlike my airline seatmate)...

CKCU supports great community events... like the 35th Anniversary presentation of Slim Cessna's Auto Club with The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol: November 6 at Babylon Nightclub.

Whenever you hear the phrase "Hoofprints On The Ceiling Of Your Mind," you will think "Dial & Donate to CKCU FM or pledge online at"
Hoofprints On The Ceiling Of Your Mind
Daniel Higgs - Say God - Thrill Jockey (2010)
A Day Like Any Other
M. Mucci - Time Lost - Tall House Recording Co (2010) Canadian
Funding Drive Rap #3...

Pledge Now & Choose the Next Set - Brand New Records (as yet unopened/unplayed) or a full set of Hawkwind Covers
Gnod - Gnod - Pariah Child (2009)
And here it is -- a whole set of brand new music...

...and by brand new, I mean to say that I'm tearing open the cellophane mere moments before dropping the needle.

Enjoy the music... and be sure to make your contribution to CKCU's Funding Drive 2010 at
Sangre De Grado
Serpentina Satelite - Mecanica Celeste - Rocket (2010) New
Deep Temple
Sun Araw - "Off Duty" - Woodsist (2010) New
Mothlight Pt. 2
Cloudland Canyon - Fin Eaves - Holy Mountain (2010) New
Doomsday Legislation
Lords Of Falconry - Lords Of Falconry - Holy Mountain (2010) New
Introduction Baroque
Mahogany Frog - On Blue - Mahogany Frog (2005) Canadian
Crystal Wizards Of The Cosmic Weird
La Otracina - Reality Has Got To Die - Holy Mountain (2010) New
Heavy Sea
The Heads - Under Sided - Sweet Nothing (2002)
Funding Drive Rap #4...
Pharoah Sanders - Jewels Of Thought - Impulse! (1969)