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Sunday Night Mind Melt
Sunday July 5th, 2015 with Dāv Fot
Amoeba Starfish live! Christmas! Nucleus!

Many thanks for Bijon for trusting me to fill in for him! He will return in 2 weeks' time!
Starting the show with a nod to the latest live performance from Toronto's Amoeba Starfish. Phil Ogison - Guitar, Jeff Howard - Phonometrics (it's the rest). Very Special Spoken Word appearance by Areta M. Part of the Poetry Salon celebrating Pride in Toronto.
Amoeba Starfish - Live @ Urban Gallery Canadian New
Now we ht the early-70's with some French space-folk... and continue with the darker, more menacing side of Zeuhl from the late-70's... and finish with a Canadian band from 2004. Yes, Mahogany Frog disavows their 1st record... but that doesn't mean it's not a great album.
Catherine Ribeiro & Alpes - Paix
Univers Zero - 1313
Boatalone (we're in this...)
Mahogany Frog - vs Mabus Canadian
While in the Canadian Mode, a feature on the Toronto band Christmas (or 'The Spirit of Christmas', as they are billed on their final LP, 'Lies to Live By') - one track from each of their 3 LPs.
Jungle Fabulous
Christmas - Christmas Canadian
Zephyr Song
Christmas - Heritage Canadian
The Factory
Christmas - Lies To Live By Canadian
On to some Klassic Kraut, recorded live on Radio Bremen in 1971.
Spain, Yes, Franco, Finished
Embryo - Radio Bremen 1971
Finishing up with an album-feature - an oft-overlooked LP from Ian Carr's Nucleus, 1973's 'Labyrinth'.
Nucleus - Labyrinth
Nucleus - Labyrinth
Nucleus - Labyrinth
Nucleus - Labyrinth
Nucleus - Labyrinth
Nucleus - Labyrinth
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