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Sunday Night Mind Melt
Sunday March 15th, 2015 with Dāv Fot
Sunday night Renaissance for Dāv!

Taking the reins from the inestimable Mr. Roy (who will be back with the next Mind Melt in two weeks' time), I do my best to not lose all his listeners!
First, a track for Daevid Allen - leader of Gong, but inspirational composer, poet, and vibrant music personality. Rest in... Music!
Flying Teapot
Gong - Flying Teapot
After that tribute, a little feature on a new CD rom Rake-star, Ottawa's only Sun Ra-inspired band!
I dream too much
Rake-star - Some Ra Canadian New
Rake-star - Some Ra Canadian New
Discipline 33
Rake-star - Some Ra Canadian New
Finally getting to the sets of music are collections of tunes - moving out of the jazz-side to the prog-side!
Shifting Phases
Aptmospheres - Voyages to Uranus
Jos Coeur
Contraction - La Bourse ou La Vie Canadian
PFM - Cook
I know it's a well-known cut... but I was listening to it this afternoon... and it's revealed its greatness to me.
Whipping Post
Allman Brothers Band - Live at the Fillmore East
Big Bass Song
Roddy Elias Trio - Monday's Dream Canadian
It's time for the BIG feature - a quick look at the first two Renaissance LPs. Keith Relf (and significant other, Jane) and Jim McCarty from the Yardbirds were at loose ends with the formation of the nascent Led Zeppelin, so formed this Symphonic/folk/prog outfit, Renaissance. They were involved in the first 2 LPs (S/T and 'Illusion'), but left afterwards, allowing vocalist Annie Haslam to join... and the rest, they say, is history (or herstory). Still, the first 2 LPs, while not as highly touted as the later, Haslam-oriented, version of the band, are great accomplishments in themselves... and so are getting a good feature, here!
Kings and Queens
Renaissance - Renaissance
Renaissance - Renaissance
Renaissance - Renaissance
Golden Thread
Renaissance - Illusion
Mr. Pine
Renaissance - Illusion
Past Orbits of Dust
Renaissance - Illusion
The final, rather lengthy cut, is a great live performance from the legendary Krautrockers, Can. Recorded Live in Koln, Germany in 1971, it was finally given release on BB records a few years ago.
Auf der Einbahnstrasse
Can - Live in Koln 1971