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Sunday Night Mind Melt
Sunday August 31st, 2014 with Dāv Fot
The No Bijon Blues redux....

Many thanks to Bijon for entrusting the Sunday Night Mind Melt to my care and safekeeping.
Starting out in the hard rock vein with Julian Copes acid-rock band Brain Donor, but quickly hitting a little art-rock.
Emerging/Shadow of my Corpse
Brain Donor - Wasted Fuzz Excessive
Frumpy - All Will be Changed
Can - Future Days
Nomo - Invisible Cities
Just wanted to play a composition or 4 from local guitar wizards Butterflies and Zebras. They have been around for many years, and have done performances recently - watch for them! Starting out with a track from an older sampler from them, then three tracks from the much more recent, more focused and moody, official release...
Rainy Day Jam
Butterflies and Zebras - Sampler ca. 2000 Canadian
Mind Mapping
Butterflies and Zebras - Butterflies and Zebras Canadian
C Thing
Butterflies and Zebras - Butterflies and Zebras Canadian
Butterflies and Zebras - Butterflies and Zebras Canadian
Back into the krauty-rock, as we head towards the jazz-side.
Ghost of Odin
Gurumaniax - Psy Valley Hill
Black Cards
Out of Focus - Four-Letter Monday Afternoon
Ian Carr's Nucleus - In Flagranti Delicto
Aquarelle - Sous un Arbre Canadian
Some Italian jazz-rock perhaps? This LP is a bit 'smoother' (and because of this, to me, a little less pallatable...) than their more challenging early LPs, but there are some great tracks on it just the same...
Terra Rosa
Perigeo - Fata Morgana
New Vienna
Perigeo - Fata Morgana
La Passe de Grande Flambeaux
Octobre - Les Nouvelles Terres Canadian
Ginger Baker & Fela Kuti - Strada Various
Time to hit a little Live Magma!
Magma - Live
Maneige - Les Porches Canadian
Drip Drip
Comus - First Utterance
Managing to extract the Mind Melt from the clutches of Fusion, we finish in the Kraut vein!
The Dream
Gracious! - Gracious!
Interactive CKCU
Phelonius Friar
No work tomorrow, what a treat, I can listen in to late night shows on CKCU for a change! And Magma? Hardly anyone has even heard of them, much less plays them. Thanks so much for some wonderful radio!

1:36 AM, September 1st, 2014
Dave Faught (host)
Much appreciated! Glad it's bringing you pleasure!

1:39 AM, September 1st, 2014
The Inimitable Boot
Awesome show! Enjoying it from afar via the miracles of technology.

4:43 PM, September 2nd, 2014
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