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Sunday Night Mind Melt
Sunday June 27th, 2010 with Bijon Roy
1990s Seven Inches From New Zealand (And Elsewhere)

Rider Of The Woodlands
The Spacious Mind - Gentle Path Highway - Goddamn I'm A Country Man
Can - Tago Mago - United Artists
Flaming Telepaths
Blue Oyster Cult - Secret Treaties - Columbia
I Talk To The Wind
King Crimson - A Young Persons' Guide To... - EG
First set rundown...

And now, a set of 7" records from 1990s New Zealand...
Alf Danielson - Mary Had A Steamboat / Glover - Merge
Gentle Hour
Snapper - Vader - Flying Nun
Alastair Galbraith - Cluster - Raffmond
Vinyl Curtain
Alastair Galbraith - Intro Version - Roof Bolt
Peter Jefferies & Stephen Kilroy - Crossover / Wined Up - Ajax
Image Of A Single Thought
Peter Jefferies / Robbie Muir - Swerve - Ajax
Don't Call Me, I'll Call You
Peter Jefferies / Robbie Muir - Swerve - Ajax
The Fate Of The Human Carbine
Peter Jefferies / Robbie Muir - Catapult - Ajax
Spark Off A Wire
Carter - Jefferies - Knocked Out Or Thereabouts / Spark Off A Wire - Flying Nun
Dimmer - Crystallator - Sub Pop / Flying Nun
Second set rundown...

And now, a set of 7" records from 1990s not-New Zealand...
Five Crowns Of The Saxon King
F/i - 1995 Tour Single - Smutco
Cul de Sac - Sakhalin / Cant - Shock
Frankie Machine
Cul de Sac - Frankie Machine / K - Lunar Rotation
His Teeth Got Lost In The Mattress
Cul de Sac - His Teeth Got Lost / Doldrums - Nuf Sed
Rain Moths
Cul de Sac - Milk Devil / Rain Moths - New World Of Sound
Here's Where The Story Ends
FlowChart - Hollow Sky EP - Burnt Hair
Wurlitzer Inn
FlowChart - Acoustic Ambience - Fuzzy
Dainty Pilgrimage
FlowChart - Sideshow All The Way - Motorway
From Hereto And Otherwise (Jessamine)
Flying Saucer Attack / Jessamine - At Night / From Hereto And Otherwise - Enraptured
Everywhere Was Everything
Flying Saucer Attack - Land Beyond The Sun - DC
Third set rundown...

And now, more 7" records from 1990s not-New Zealand...
Psychic Driving
Flying Saucer Attack - Outdoor Miner / Psychic Driving - Domino
Holy High
Ghost - Holy High / Filament - Holy Mountain
Moungod Air Cave
Ghost - Moungod Air Cave / Guru In The Echo - The Now Sound
Tests For New Swords
Bardo Pond - Tests For New Swords / Good Friday - Siltbreeze
Blues Tune
Bardo Pond - Dragonfly / Blues Tune - Compulsory
Trip Fuck
Bardo Pond - Trip Fuck / Hummingbird Mountain - Drunken Fish
New Drunks (Bardo Pond)
Bear / Bardo Pond - If There's Such A Thing As Angels / New Drunks - Che
Galaxy In Satchidananda > A Love Supreme
Alice Coltrane - World Galaxy - Impulse!
The Sunday Night Mindmelt achieves the impossible -- an entire show without the transcendent drumming of Chris Corsano.

But fear not... our regular Corsano Fest 2010 programming will resume in the not-too-distant future (next Sunday, maybe?).