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Sunday Night Mind Melt
Sunday December 23rd, 2012 with Bijon Roy
Vitamin C / Orange Sunshine

Hey you! You're losing, you're losing, you're losing, you're losing... your Vitamin C. Nevermind the clementines, the Sunday Night Mindmelt is serving up an evening of orange sunshine -- three hours of heavy music, most of which has been freshly squeezed/pressed onto orange vinyl.
VItamin C
Can - Ege Bamyasi - Liberty/UA (01973)
Midnight In America > Eye To Eye
White Hills - Abstractions & Mutations - Immune (02007, 02012) New
Mao Tinitus
The Heads - Mao Tinitus - Man's Ruin (01998)
Why Is A Carrot More Orange Than An Orange?
The Amboy Dukes - Journey To The Center Of The Mind - Mainstream (01968)
Hey Mama
Orange Sunshine - Love = Acid Space = Hell - Motorwolf (02003)
First set rundown...

Note: The Hawkwind was recorded almost exactly 40 years ago - December 30, 1972 at the Brixton Sundown. This one goes out to The Resonator Twins, wherever you may be...
Space > Orgone Accumulator > Upside Down
Hawkwind - Space Ritual Sundown V.2 - Let Them Eat Vinyl (01972, 02008)
Walking With Jesus
Spacemen 3 - Walking With Jesus 7" - Earworm (01986, 02003)
The Apocalypse Inside An Orange
Omar Rodriguez Lopez - The Apocalypse Inside An Orange - Infrasonic (02007)
Mermuda Triangle
Shit And Shine - Jream Baby Jream - Riot Season (02012) New
Zone Six - Live Wired 2004 - Nasoni (02005)
Orange Clouds
Plankton Wat - Spirits - Thrill Jockey (02012)
Orange Sunshine
Ghost - Second Time Around - Drag City (01992, 01997)
Kohoutek - Losslessloss - Prophase (02009)
Astralasia - Voyage Til Tomorrow - Tonefloat (02012) New
Second set rundown...
We Will Conquer
Toner Low - Toner Low - Roadkillrekordz (02006)
Orange Climax
Christian Boulé - Photo Musik - Polydor (01978)
Holiday bonus track:
Ding Dong (Christmas Bell)
The Ethiopians - 7" - Crab (01968)
Interactive CKCU
The Captain
I would have thought Ted Nugent would be off limits for a few weeks at least?

11:37 PM, December 23rd, 2012
The Captain
Can't wait for the REM. Give me some of that Orange Crush!

11:46 PM, December 23rd, 2012
Bijon Roy (host)
Touché on the Nugent front... as for the REM, let's try to respect Michael Stipe's wishes and keep them in retirement.

11:53 PM, December 23rd, 2012