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The Home Invasion Show
Thursday August 3rd, 2017 with Livin' Large/Apollo

Hittin Corner'z
Big Prodeje Feat. April Hendrix - The Realest Shit Ya Never Heard
Something New
Point Blank - Point Blank Canadian
Cee - Hazy (Single) Canadian New
Uncle Sam's Curse
Above The Law - Uncle Sam's Curse
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Feat. Eric Bellinger - New Waves New
NX (Nation Unknown) - Gone (Single) New
I Pray To God
Izzy Liberace - For The Love II (EP) Canadian New
The Things She Won't
Black Orchid - The Things She Won't (Single) Canadian
Give It To Ya
Nieko Nicole - I Am The Apex Predator
Tonight (Single Version)
One Way - One Way Featuring Al Hudson
K.O.M. (Keep On Movin')
The Wize Feat. Magdala - K.O.M. (Single) Canadian New
Soul Amazin' (Steel Blazin')
Blu & Exile - Below the Heavens
Super Deluxe
Lonely Boy - The Disclaimerz Canadian New
This Wont Last Forever
Ceschi - Broken Bone Ballads
Shariq DeVonte - Stolen From Africa 2: The Soul Empowerment Canadian New
Felly - Milk & Sugar
Kweku Collins Feat. Allan Kingdom - Grey New
Everything Is Beautiful
Akin - Romantica
Never Die
Golden Rules Feat. Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def - Golden Ticket
Off Peak Dreams
Ghostpoet - Shedding Skin
Jeepz Feat. Just Jamaal - Soul Spins
The Forgiven Crimson
Patraboy - Sixty-Sided Square Canadian
Clockwork Palace
Patraboy - Sixty-Sided Square Canadian
Kill My Lonely
Free n Losh Feat. Allan Rayman - 5th & Ghost Canadian
You Don't Need Me
Granata - You Don't Need Me (Single)
Poetic Elements - U.P.L. (Single) Canadian
No Getaway
Sims Feat. Travla - No Getaway (Single)
Sweet Surrender
Hyf The GypsySun - Sweet Surrender (Single) Canadian
All In My Head
SiR - Her
Epilogue: Long Jawn
Shad - Flying Colours Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Good lookn out boys. Thank you for the support #Ottawa #Canada #homeonvasion #suckafree

10:05 AM, August 2nd, 2017
#homeinvasion ***

10:06 AM, August 2nd, 2017
Kareem AKA Livin' Large Hamdan (host)
All love Homie

1:05 AM, August 8th, 2017