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The Home Invasion Show
Thursday July 2nd, 2015 with Livin' Large/Apollo
~Canada Day 148th Feat. SORU - City Lights~

O Canada! The Home Invader duo bringing the noise and showing you how the true North Strong & Free rock & as an added bonus they SORU talking about his debut album CITY LIGHTS which also gets spotlighted and showcased with talks of Ramadan, work issues, comics & more HOME INVASON ON THE RISE!!!! Hit up SORU: @nicksoru IG: nicksoru ****Download City Lights for Free
Rock Da House
Gem'n'ah Mewzik - Art-Mageddon Canadian
Fresh Air
Dan-E-O - Inevitable Canadian
Mystery Unsolved
Clarence Gruff - Mystery Unsolved (Single) Canadian
Gotta Get Mine (Extended Mix)
Infinite Feat. Divine Brown - 360° Canadian
Something New
Point Blank - Point Blank Canadian
Quick $
Full Circle - Infinite Edges Canadian
Aspire To Inspire [INSPIRATION]
Es - Aspire To Inspire Canadian New
Jully Black - Fever (Single) Canadian New
Junia T Feat. Pheonix & LordQuest - Eye See You Canadian
Does Your Mama Know About Me
Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers - Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers Canadian
I Don't Know
SORU Feat. Sean Blake - City Lights Canadian
SORU - City Lights Canadian
SORU - City Lights Canadian
SORU Feat. Ray - City Lights Canadian
Next To You
SORU - City Lights Canadian
SORU - City Lights Canadian
Something Missing
SORU - City Lights Canadian
Little Dream
SORU - City Lights Canadian
Bad Hi
SORU Feat. Gruw Raw - City Lights Canadian
Huck The Faters
SORU Feat. Y. Bully - City Lights Canadian
Made It
SORU Feat. Nakiem The God - City Lights Canadian
SORU - City Lights Canadian
SORU Feat. The Unkwn - City Lights Canadian
So Cold
BlakDenim - Vanguard{En} Canadian
Funky Revolution
Missing LinX - Funky Revolution (Single) Canadian New
Playground Love (Jeepz Remix)
Poetic Elements - Playground Love (Single) Canadian
Glass Half Empty
Charley Moon Feat. D'Sinatra & Jigz The Flyer - AOE Canadian New
Come And Love Me Up
Nile Groove - Uncovered Canadian
Go Go
Nakiem The God - The Most High Canadian
Dynamic - A Collection Of Thoughts Canadian
Keep Holding On
Just Poets - Painting Pictures in the Darkness Canadian
UZ - MTL Messages To Ladies Canadian New
This Time
Bars & Tone - Aboard The Floating Palace Of A Good Time Billionaire, Vol. 1 Canadian
Tried So Hard
Factor Feat. Isaiah Toothtaker - Club Soda Series 1 Canadian
Interactive CKCU