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Cool Cuts
Thursday September 6th, 2012 with Chris Sharp
Back to School/Let's go to The Fair

First set-some back to school tracks and some comedy-gotta keep the class entertained.
Stay In School
Otis Redding - Remember Me(1992)
Class Clown
George Carlin - Class Clown(1972)
School Is In
Gary U.S. Bonds - The Best of Gary U.S. Bonds(1990)
2nd set consists of further musical thoughts on school.
School Days
Chuck Berry - The Great Twenty-Eight(1984)
Back To School Days
Graham Parker - Howlin' Wind(1976)
School Days
Chris Spedding - Chris Spedding(1976)
School Days
Good Rats - Birth Comes To Us All(1979)
Boarding School
Fludd - Great Expectations(1975) Canadian
3rd set turns our thoughts to the end of summer and the start of country fair season.
That Song About The Midway
Bonnie Raitt - Streetlights(1974)
Love Tunnel
Chubby Checker - Checkered(1971)
Red Balloon
Tim Hardin - The Best of Tim Hardin(1970)
Dooley vs. The Ferris Wheel
IRA - A Lyte Dose of Heavy Psych(2003)
Last Merry Go Round
Micheal Moorcock - New World's Fair(1975)
The Merry Go Round - Nuggets 2:The British Empire and Beyond(1994)
4th set-we start with a "Sham" who can't concentrate,hear about some dubious "lessons" and end with a comedy test.
Sam Samudio - Hard and Heavy(1971)
Today's Lesson(Ladies & Gentlemen)
Amboy Dukes - Marriage On The Rocks/Rock Bottom(1970)
You Had A Lesson
Groundhogs - Hogwash(1972)
Test On This
Robert Klien - Mind Over Matter(1974)
This set expresses some interesting thoughts on teacher-pupil relations and high school culture.
High School
MC5 - Best Of The MC5(2000)
School Teacher
Bob Seger - Seven(1974)
Rockpile - Seconds of Pleasure(1980)
Miss Pamela and Miss Sparky Discuss Stuffed Bras and Some of Their early Gym Class Experiences
The G.T.O.'s - Permanent Damage(1970)
Rock And Roll High School
The Ramones - the Ramones Anthology(1989)
Last set returns us to carnivals and midway rides-the big finish to summer for many before school starts again.
Carnival of Love
Stone Circus - The Stone Circus(1970)
Carnival Song
Tim Buckley - Goodbye And Hello(1967)
Love Roller Coaster
Big Joe Turner - Big Joe Turner's Greatest Hits(1989)
Roller Coaster
13th Floor Elevators - The Psychedelic Sounds of The 13th Floor Elevators(1966)
Loop de Loop
Harry Nilsson - Pussy Cats(1974)
Hope you enjoyed the show,thank you for listening.