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Cool Cuts
Thursday August 9th, 2012 with Chris Sharp
Themed sets and a tribute to the late Jon Lord(Deep Purple keyboardist)

First set involves musical thoughts about flowers.
Stone Country - Stone Country(1969)
Black Roses
Clear Light - Clear Light(1967)
Edgar Broughton Band - Edgar Broughton Band(1971)
Cut Flowers
Smithereens - 11(1989)
Second set entails travel,but don't buy a car from Ralph and watch out for the local black and white on wheels.
Marie Marie
Blasters - Blasters(1981)
Rev It Up And Go
Stray Cats - Built For Speed(1982)
Ralph Spoilsport Motors
The Firesign Theater - Forward Into The Past(1976)
Long Lonesome Highway
Michael Parks - Long Lonesome Highway(1970)
John Phillips - John, The Wolfking of L.A.(1970)
Highway Patrol
Junior Brown - Guit With It(1993)
The next 40 minutes will feature a tribute to the late Jon Lord who played keys for The Artwoods,Deep Purple and Whitesnake among others.His Hammond b3 through a Marshall amplifier defined the heavy blues rock organ sound of the 70's.(Jon Lord passed away July 16,2012)
Walk On The Wild Side
The Artwoods - Art Gallery(1966)
The Artwoods - Art Gallery(1966)
Deep Purple - The Best of Deep Purple(1970)
No One Came
Deep Purple - Fireball(1971)
Deep Purple - Machine Head(1972)
Perfect Strangers
Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers(1984)
Next set involves different perspectives on life itself and an informative station break along with some all inclusive news.
That's Life
Frank Sinatra - That's Life(1966)
The Other Side of This Life
Fred Neil - Bleeker & MacDougal(1965)
Station Break/Happy Hour News
The Firesign Theater - Forward Into The Past(1976)
The Wild Side of Life
The Holy Mackeral - The Holy Mackeral(1968)
Driftin' Way of Life
Jerry Jeff Walker - Driftin' Way of Life(1969)
Last set returns us to thoughts on travel.
Bad Motor Scooter
Montrose - Montrose(1973)
Drivin' Sister
Mott The Hoople - Mott(1973)
Three Man Army - A Third of a Lifetime(1971)
Union Jack Car
Lord Sutch - Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends(1970)
Fire Engine
Richard Lloyd - Where The Pyramid Meets The Eye:A Tribute to Roky Erickson(1989)
Hope you enjoyed the show and thanks for listening.Farewell Jon Lord,peace.
Interactive CKCU
Elorious Cain
A great show!

2:20 AM, August 9th, 2012
Thanks.Keep listening!Glad you liked it.

2:34 AM, August 9th, 2012
VooDoo Woman
I loved your piece on Jon Lord, may he rest in peace.Deep Purple was the first band I ever saw in concert, way back in 1972, in Montreal, so they became very special to me. Thanx and keep up the great shows! (I listened via podcast)

3:42 PM, August 9th, 2012
Not much was said when Lord passed,and I thought he deserved more than that.Thanks for the interest.

6:58 PM, August 9th, 2012
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