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Cool Cuts
Thursday April 5th, 2012 with Chris Sharp

Tonight's post surgery show will feature some extended tracks to ease the hosts workload-hope you enjoy the tunes-and comedy.
First set features some bluesrock bombast from purveyors of the pentatonic scale(only).
Tell Mama
Savoy Brown - Street Corner Talking(1971) - Deram
Hooked On Love
Grand Funk Railroad - Closer To Home(1970) - Capitol
2nd set features Skip Prokop(future Lighthouse bandleader and drummer) and a folkie who tours to this day.
South Down Road
The Paupers - Ellis Island(1968) - Verve Canadian
She Was Waitin`For Her Mother At The Station In Torino And You Know i Love You Baby But It`s Getting Too Heavy To Laugh-Keep On-Sleepwalker-Song For Mr. C.
Shawn Phillips - Second Contribution(1970) - A&M
Tonight's feature is up next-the entire playing of a Cosby comedy classic.
To Russell,My Brother Whom I Slept With
Bill Cosby - To Russell My Brother Whom I Sept With(1968) - Warner
Next Set features a Brit one shot produced by the famous Bijou Drains(Pete Townsend) and Brit blues band led by Tony Mcphee.
Thunderclap Newman - Hollywood Dream(1969) - Polydor
3744 James Road
Groundhogs - Hogwash(1973) - United Artists
Next set consists of vocalists whose careers were derailed by drug abuse-the former's life cut short before it really had a chance to start.
Listen To Me
Baby Huey - The Baby Huey Story(1971) - Curtom
Evie-Let Your Hair Hang Down/Evie/I`m Losing You
Stevie Wright - Hard Road(1974) - ATCO
Last set features Todd Rundgrens band in an extended fantasy-what happened to the "Power of the Pyramid?"...I don`t know,ask Red Kelly.
Singring And The Glass Guitar(An Electrified Fairytale)
Utopia - RA(1977) - Bearsville