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Cool Cuts
Thursday June 23rd, 2016 with Chris Sharp
Fifth Annual Canada Day Show!

60's and 70's music from all over Canada is featured for your aural perusal.
We open the show with bands and musicians that originated in Canada's eastern provinces.
Bud The Spud
Stompin' Tom Connors - Bud The Spud and other favorites(1969) Canadian
Turn Around
Pepper Tree - You're My People(1970) Canadian
Just Like That
April Wine - Electric Jewels(1973) Canadian
Can't You See
Minglewood Band - Best of Minglewood: Smokers(1981) Canadian
For the second set we travel to Winnipeg to listen to some bands that originated in the province of Manitoba.
Life In The Bloodstream
The Guess Who - So Long, Bannatyne(1971) Canadian
Don't Stop Now
Heavy Cruiser - Heavy Cruiser(1972) Canadian
Welcome Home
Bachman-Turner Overdrive - Bachman-Turner Overdrive 2(1973) Canadian
Streetheart - Meanwhile Back In Paris...(1978) Canadian
Sweet Things In Life
Harlequin - Victim Of A Song(1979) Canadian
Next we move on to the western side of the country,The Hometown Band was based in Vancouver, Long John Baldry eventually settled down there also,The Incredible Bongo band was produced in studios in Vancouver(but never actually existed). 49th Parallel, Painter and the Stampeders were all based in Calgary.
The Hometown Band - Flying(1976) Canadian
Intro: Come Back Again
Long John Baldry - Everything Stops For Tea(1972) Canadian
Let There Be Drums
Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band - Bongo Rock(1973) Canadian
Stampeders - The Best of Stampeders(1978) Canadian
Talk To Me
49th Parallel - 49th Parallel(1969) Canadian
Goin' Home (to Rock'n'Roll)
Painter - Painter(1973) Canadian
The next bunch of bands and musicians were based in Eastern Ontario(notably Ottawa). Ian Tamblyn has been based in Chelsea Quebec for most of his professional life. Cano was based in Sturgeon Falls as an artists commune. The Cooper Brothers were produced by Les Emmerson early on in their career.
Coast To Coast Fever
David Wiffen - Coast To Coast Fever(1973) Canadian
Guitar Truck Driving Man
Ian Tamblyn - Ian Tamblyn(1976) Canadian
Cano - Spirit Of The North(1980) Canadian
Good Feeling(To Know)
Octavian - Simple Kinda People(1975) Canadian
Miss Lonely Heart
The Cooper Brothers - 7 inch single(1974) Canadian
Fist - Round One(1978) Canadian
We close the show with musicians and bands native to or based in Montreal in the 70's.
Rainbow Ride
Andy Kim - VA:24 Power Hits(1969) Canadian
A New Rock and Roll
Mahogany Rush - Child of The Novelty(1974) Canadian
Moonquake - Moonquake(1974) Canadian
I Don't Believe It's You
Pagliaro - Pagliaro 1(1975) Canadian
Bad Apple
David Wilcox - Out Of The Woods(1980) Canadian
Thank you for listening. Next show broadcasts July 7.
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