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Cool Cuts
Thursday February 5th, 2015 with Chris Sharp
Mardi Gras/Valentine's Day

Tonight's show celebrates Mardi Gras(Feb. 17) with music out of Louisiana and we also have some musical thoughts and comedy concerning the subject of love in honor of Valentine's Day(Feb. 14).
First set: a Biff Rose Mardi Gras sandwich out of Louisiana with the filling supplied by the pianos of Fats Domino and the ubiquitous(from the late 50's to early 80's he produced or played on almost everything coming out of New Orleans)Allen Toussaint.
Mama's Boy
Biff Rose - The Thorn In Mrs. Rose's Side(1968)
Lady Madonna
Fats Domino - Fats Is Back(1968)
Soul Sister
Allen Toussaint - Life,Love and Faith(1972)
Biff Rose - Children of Light(1969)
It's late(or early) and maybe your still hungry so next up we have a Dr. John sandwich with relish,meat and mustard supplied by the great(he'll tell you just how great)yet underappreciated Jerry Lee Lewis
Memories of Professor Longhair
Dr. John - Dr. John Plays Mac Rebennack(1981)
No Headstone On My Grave
Jerry Lee Lewis - The Session(1973)
No Particular Place To Go
Jerry Lee Lewis - The Greatest Live Show On Earth(1966)
What's Made Milwaukee Famous(Has Made A Loser Out Of Me)
Jerry Lee Lewis - 7 inch single(1968)
Chippy Chippy
Dr. John the Night Tripper - Remedies(1970)
If you're still(or even if you're not) hungry we've got a Pot Liquor sandwich sitting in the fridge with a little polk salad and the great New Orleans songwriter Bobby Charles(definitely underappreciated)between slabs of Southern Rock.
Louisiana Rock and Roll
Pot Liquor - Louisiana Rock & Roll(1973)
Grow Too Old
Bobby Charles - Bobby Charles(1972)
Polk Salad Annie
Tony Joe White - Black and White(1969)
You Can't Get Their From Here
Pot Liquor - Louisiana Rock & Roll(1973)
To finish the Mardi Gras portion of the show we have a grab bag of Louisiana r 'n' b acts.Mardi Gras(Fat Tuesday) is officially on Feb. 17 this year.
I Hear You Knockin'
Lazy Lester - VA:Excello Records,Sounds of the Swamp Vol 1(1990)
Tip On In
Slim Harpo - The Best of Slim Harpo(1969)
Ride Your Pony
Lee Dorsey - Great Googa Mooga(1991)
Prisoner's Song
Warren Storm - VA:Excello Records,Sounds of The Swamp(1990)
Put Your Trust In Me(Depend On Me)
Joe Simon - Lookin' Back(1988)
I'd Do It All Over You
Irma Thomas - A Woman's Viewpoint(2006)
Wild Cherry
Leroy Washington - VA:Excello Records,Sounds of The Swamp Vol 1(1990)
Cabbage Alley
The Meters - Funkify Your Life(1995)
This set celebrates Valentine's Day(Feb. 14) with music and comedy involving the physical act of love.
Hot Love
T Rex - 20th Century Boy:The Ultimate Collection(2002)
What Turns Women On
National Lampoon - National Lampoon's White Album(1980)
Me And My Baby
Minglewood - Smokers(1981) Canadian
Man - Revelation(1969)
John and Marsha
Stan Freberg - The Best of Stan Freberg(1998)
Move With Me
Tim Buckley - Greetings From L.A.(1972)
We finish off tonight's show with musical thoughts on love.
Sam Cooke - The Man and His Music(1986)
Red Roses For A Blue Lady
Wayne Newton - The Best of Wayne Newton Vol 2(1970)
Little Arrows
Leapy Lee - Little Arrows(1968)
Don't Mess With Cupid
Buddy Miles Express - Expressway To Your Skull(1968)
Love Like A Man
Ten Years After - Greatest Hits(1977)
A Lover's Question
Clyde Mcphatter - Clyde Plus Rock and Roll(2010)
Love You Like A Woman
Koko Taylor - Koko Taylor(1969)
Thank you for listening.Next show broadcasts Feb. 19.
Interactive CKCU
love shoveling that Ottawa snow

12:24 AM, February 5th, 2015
hey! I was just curling, and now me and friends are listening

12:47 AM, February 5th, 2015
Chris Sharp (host)
hey you curlers

12:48 AM, February 5th, 2015
hey! It was actually pretty fun

12:49 AM, February 5th, 2015
Chris Sharp (host)
who said it wasn't fun? you can fat Tuesday with me

12:52 AM, February 5th, 2015
I was surprised by how fun it was. The guy that taught us said he hadn't heard someone laugh that much while learning how to sweep. I love these new orleans/louisiana shows

12:55 AM, February 5th, 2015
Chris Sharp (host)
I like doin' them so we're both happy

12:58 AM, February 5th, 2015
Chris Sharp (host)
you should know this lazy lester track lefty

12:59 AM, February 5th, 2015
I do know that one

1:01 AM, February 5th, 2015
Chris Sharp (host)
through the mists of time

1:03 AM, February 5th, 2015
theres a guy here who has his own radio show as well, he likes your music.

1:15 AM, February 5th, 2015
Chris Sharp (host)
cool-community radio?

1:16 AM, February 5th, 2015
aaron loves this weird shit

1:35 AM, February 5th, 2015
no, chad works for coast radio in nanaimo

1:36 AM, February 5th, 2015
Chris Sharp (host)
you mean he's paid? that's a gig I want

1:38 AM, February 5th, 2015
yeah, but he doesn't get to choose the music

1:43 AM, February 5th, 2015
Chris Sharp (host)
oh the freedom to choose

1:45 AM, February 5th, 2015
choice is freedom, but so is money?

1:47 AM, February 5th, 2015
Chris Sharp (host)
check out kd lang,i mean wayne newton

1:48 AM, February 5th, 2015

1:50 AM, February 5th, 2015