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Thursday October 16th, 2014 with Chris Sharp
Detroit Rocks!-60's and 70's hard rock and soul out of "The Motor City"

Tonight's show:Hard rock and soul musicians and bands that originated or were based in "The Motor City" in the 60's and 70's.
We open the show with a set of songs by female vocalists originating in Detroit.
Rochelle Rosenthal and The Kickball Queen - VA:Psychedelic Archaeology(1991)
Nowhere To Run
Martha Reeves and The Vandellas - VA:Good Morning Vietnam,Original Motion Picture Soundtrack(1986)
Bring The Boys Home
Freda Payne - VA:Soul Hits of The 70's(1991)
Floy Joy
The Supremes - Diana Ross & The Supremes(1973)
Aretha Franklin - 30 Greatest Hits((1985)
Detroit born guitar legend Jim McCarty played with many bands from the early 60's right up to the present.Next up we have a selection of bands McCarty contributed to from the early 60's to the early 80's.
Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels - Rev Up:The Best of Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels(1989)
Miss Lady
Buddy Miles Express - Electric Church(1969)
Cactus - Restrictions(1971)
Oh Well
The Rockets - The Rockets(1979)
Guitarist Dick Wagner was leader of The Frost-a leading band in Detroit that headlined the Grande Ballroom on many occasions.Wagner later worked with Lou Reed and Alice Cooper
Baby Once You Got It
The Frost - Frost Music(1969)
Black Train
The Frost - Rock and Roll Music(1969)
1500 Miles( Through The Eyes of a Beatle)
The Frost - Through The Eyes of Love(1970)
Black Night
The Frost - Through The Eyes of Love(1970)
Detroit born guitarist/huntsman Ted Nugent led The Amboy Dukes through their many personnel changes-right into a successful solo career.
J.B. Special
The Amboy Dukes - The Amboy Dukes(1967/2008)
Journey To The Center of The Mind
The Amboy Dukes - Journey To The Center of The Mind(1968)
Breast Fed Gator
The Amboy Dukes - Marriage On The Rocks(1970)
The Great White Buffalo
The Amboy Dukes - Tooth,Fang & Claw(1973)
Next up: a grab bag of hard rock/punk bands originating in Detroit.
Long Way To Go
Alice Cooper - Love It To Death(1971)
No Secret Destination
S.R.C. - Milestones(1968)
The American Ruse
The MC5 - The Big Bang!:The Best of The MC5(2000)
Keep On Knocking
Death - For The Whole World To See(1974/2009)
48 Crash
Suzy Quatro - The Best of Suzi Quatro(1984)
We finish off tonight's show with a mix of early 70's Detroit soul.
Still Water(Love)
The Four Tops - 7 inch single(1970)
Climb Up On My Music
Sixto Rodriguez - Coming From Reality(1971/2012)
Can You Get To That
Funkadelic - Maggot Brain(1971)
Westbound #9
The Flaming Ember - Soul Hits of The 70's(1991)
Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get
The Dramatics - Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get(1971)
Chairman of The Board
Chairmen of The Board - Soul Hits of The 70's(1991)
Thank you for listening.Next show broadcasts Oct 30 and is a Funding Drive show.
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Elorious Cain
Detroit is truly one of the hot beds of musical talent in America. It has been for decades!

4:31 AM, October 16th, 2014
you got that right-this is the tip of the iceberg

9:53 AM, October 16th, 2014
I really enjoyed this show

12:55 AM, December 5th, 2014
west coast chiming in-thanks

6:34 AM, December 5th, 2014
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