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Thursday October 17th, 2013 with Chris Sharp
Delaney & Bonnie/Bobby Whitlock profile

Baseball/Basketball/Hockey,Delaney & Bonnie and a Bobby Whitlock profile
First set celebrates the wind up of another season of baseball-first track dedicated to Sammy Sosa,Roger Clemons and Mark McGwire(you get the idea).
Fool's Hall of Fame
Foghat - Foghat(1972)
Ball Park Incident
Roy Wood And Wizard - The Best of Roy Wood And Wizard(1996)
There Used To Be A Ballpark
Frank Sinatra - Ol' Blue Eyes Is Back(1973)
Side One Excerpt
Monte Moore - Finley's Heroes(1972)
Winner Takes All
Babe Ruth - Stealin' Home(1975)
Next up-a set of Delaney & Bonnie tracks that Bobby Whitlock participated in the recording of(keys and vocals).
Things Get Better
Delaney & Bonnie - Home(1969)
Soul Shake
Delaney & Bonnie & Friends - To Bonnie From Delaney(1970)
Never Ending Song Of Love
Delaney & Bonnie & Friends - Motel Shot(1971)
They Call It Rock And Roll Music
Delaney & Bonnie & Friends - To Bonnie From Delaney(1970)
Only You Know And I Know
Delaney & Bonnie & Friends - The Best of Delaney & Bonnie(1972)
Eric Clapton also joined the band in the studio and on tour with excellent results.
Coming Home
Delaney & Bonnie & Friends - Eric Clapton:Crossroads(1988)
I Don't Want To Discuss It
Delaney & Bonnie & Friends - On Tour with Eric Clapton(1970)
Bottle Of Red Wine
Eric Clapton - Eric Clapton(1970)
Whitlock then collaborated with Clapton in writing many of the songs for "Layla and Assorted Love Songs".Whitlock sessioned for many including George Harrison.
I Looked Away
Derek And The Dominoes(1970) - Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs(1970)
Beware Of Darkness
George Harrison - All Things Must Pass(1970)
Thorn Tree In The Garden
Derek And The Dominoes - Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs(1970)
Whitlock released four solid solo lp's from 1972-76.
Where There's A Will There's A Way
Bobby Whitlock - Bobby Whitlock(1972)
If You Ever
Bobby Whitlock - Raw Velvet(1972)
Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad
Bobby Whitlock - Rock Your Socks Off(1976)
Hello L.A. Bye Bye Birmingham
Bobby Whitlock - Raw Velvet(1972)
Some basketball related tracks("Basketball Jones" is a parody of Brighter Side's "Love Jones") celebrate the NBA's opening at the end of the month.
On The Rebound
Russ Ballard - Barnet Dogs(1979)
White World of Sports/Basketball Jones
Cheech & Chong - Los Cochinos(1973)
Love Jones
Brighter Side of Darkness - VA:Super Bad(1975)
We end tonight's show with some instruction from Frank Mahovolich over one of the few blues-rock tunes involving hockey.
Frank Mahovlich - All My Hockey Secrets(1964) Canadian
Fried Hockey Boogie
Canned Heat - Boogie With Canned Heat(1978)
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12:29 AM, October 17th, 2013
how does it sound?

12:33 AM, October 17th, 2013
good, there was a little gap, but otherwise really clear, like normal...

12:41 AM, October 17th, 2013
sounds distorted at times in here and I thought the needles were worn-guess its my ears

12:49 AM, October 17th, 2013
getting close to your bedtime?

1:06 AM, October 17th, 2013
yeah, I got 15 more minutes in me, I'll listen til then. Have a safe ride home, and I liked the Delaney and Bonnie stuff :)

1:08 AM, October 17th, 2013
knew you would

1:11 AM, October 17th, 2013
goodnight, farewell, may all your dreams come true, adios, la la la...Gnight!

1:15 AM, October 17th, 2013
10-4 good buddy,catch you on the flip side

1:16 AM, October 17th, 2013
LOOKING FOR INsurance quotes for this show-finally got'em

10:48 AM, April 2nd, 2014
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