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Night Watch
Sunday April 8th, 2012 with Dāv Fot
Pink Fairies - Lots of Pink Fairies...

After turkey-and-dessert-poisoning at Easter Dinner, I did what I'd been promising myself to do for a while now - pulled out a pile of Pink Fairies and unleash it on the listening public. 'Nuff said.
Trad, Gras och Stenar - Homeless Cats
Forget Your Life
Nomeansno - The Day Everything Became Nothing Canadian
Clearly Invisible
Simply Saucer - Half Human, Half Live Canadian
Bevis & Twink - Magic Eye
Seize the Time
Twink & Plasticland - You Need A Fairy Godmother
Another of the bands that influenced me in the earlier days to love the psychedelic/acid/garage and even the punkier (even though they were done as a band before 'punk' was decreed a musical force by the media) side of music. I figure I have neglected them in my CKCU duties. No longer....
Do It
Pink Fairies - NeverNeverLand
The Snake
Pink Fairies - 7"
Track 1, Side 2
Pink Fairies - NeverNeverLand
Teenage Rebel
Pink Fairies - NeverNeverLand
Right On, Fight On
Pink Fairies - What a Bunch Of Sweeties
Walk Don't Run
Pink Fairies - What a Bunch Of Sweeties
When's The Fun Begin?
Pink Fairies - Kings Of Oblivion
Pink Fairies - Kings Of Oblivion
City Kids
Pink Fairies - Live @ The Roundhouse '75
Psychedelic Punkeroo
Pink Fairies - Twink & The Fairies Do It 77
I Think It's Coming Back again
Pink Fairies - Previously Unreleased 82
Waiting For The Ice Cream To Melt
Pink Fairies - Kill 'em and Eat 'em 87
The Man With The Golden Gun
Pink Fairies - Pleasure Island 96
Standing Tiptoe On The Highest Hill
Twink - Think Pink
Fly away
Crowbar - Larger Than Life (And Liver Than You've Ever Been)
South California Purples
Chicago - Live @ Carnegie Hall
Don't Look Away
Brian Auger's Oblivion Express - Live Oblivion Volume 1
Pierre Moerlen's Gong - Expresso II
The Illinois Enema Bandit
Frank Zappa - Zappa In New York