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Night Watch

Night Watch
Sunday February 17th, 2019 with Dave Fot
Harsh Toke!

Deciding to dig deep into the collection to play some rarely-played gems, there will only be one feature - the traditional 'album-drop' at the end of the Nightwatch, Harsh Toke's 2013 release, 'Light Up and Live '.
Starting out with a psych-punk tune, then we drop into a little dub action, before we roll out into a little prog for the proggy-buddies...
Stonehenge - Who Knows
Inner City Unit - The President's Tapes - 1985
New Town Dub
Hilotrons - Trip to Terpsichore - 2015 Canadian
How Many Fingers
The Government - How Many Fingers 12" - 1981 Canadian
The Land of the Living
Nomeansno - Why Do They Call Me Mr. Happy - 1993 Canadian
A bit of a stylistic jump, right into the prog-side of things, starting with a rarity: and Ottawa prog band. Ironically, the Rebel Wheel did not put the date on their CD, despite it being titled 'We Are In The Time of the Evil Clocks'. I believe it was from the early 2000's.
Rebel Wheel - We Are In The Time of the Evil Clocks - 2000-somethingorother Canadian
Gentle Giant - The Power and the Glory - 1974
Il Volo - Il Volo - 1974
Inside Out
Rare Air - Hard To Beat - 1987 Canadian
Heading towards a post-rock set... via this set, with acoustic tracks a-plenty, despite starting out with a Scratch Acid track, albeit an atypical one!
Albino Slug
Scratch Acid - Just Keep Eating - 1986
Black Heart
Calexico - Feast of Wire - 2003
Deux Trois - Health - 2018 Canadian New
Take Me Now
Parkland - Monument - 2016 Canadian
Finishing up with the Acoustic-side with a few finds in the 'new release' Bin here - I have a bit of egg on my face that I missed out on these when they came out... but glad I found them now! Now on to Mahogany Frog, a band that eventually went on to plunge headfirst into complex neo-progressive rock... but this, their 1st LP, was a different beast altogether
The Third Machine
Mahogany Frog - Mabus - 2004 Canadian
Circle - Triumph - 2009
For some reason, the past 2 shows have seen my attempts to play tracks from Godspeed's 'Allelujah...' foiled by time constraints... but tonight no longer!
Gospeed You! Black Emperor - Allelujah! Don't Bend, Ascend! - 2012 Canadian
Look What Our Love Has Done
The Cosmic Range - New Lattitudes - 2015 Canadian
Where we Are
The Invaders - Spacing Out - 1970
Just had to finish that set up from one of the few (only?) funk bands I know of from Bermuda. Now time to finish up with the one feature, the album-drop of the 2013 release from a rather intense stoner band from San Diego, Harsh Toke.
Rest In Prince
Harsh Toke - Light Up and Live - 2013
Weight of the Sun
Harsh Toke - Light Up and Live
Light Up and Live
Harsh Toke - Light Up and Live
Plug into the Moon
Harsh Toke - Light Up and Live
Interactive CKCU
Hey Dave. I made Jeb a disc for his donation and I've left in your mail slot at the station. Would you mind dropping it off for me? Not tonight or tomorrow, just some time this month. Thanks Dave. P.S. Great show, nice to know that you're still playing Nomeansno. Enjoying the tunes.

11:45 PM, February 17th, 2019
Dave Faught (host)
Got it!! :)

11:55 PM, February 17th, 2019