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Night Watch
Sunday April 19th, 2015 with Dāv Fot
The Fays + Interview!

Nice to get back to The Nightwatch after having the last show off (Many thanks to Bijon from the Mind Melt for the fill-in), I'm ready to go with reg'lar rock, post-rock, pre-rock.... a bunch of things.
Starting out this Nightwatch with a rarity - an interview. Local surrealist-folk-rock maestros The Fays have a new album out... and, while I did play a few tracks from it last month, I have lead-man James in the Studio for a few words, so it's time to play a few more, and urge people to check them out at the benefit at Zaphod's Apr. 24th!.
Our Song
The Fays - War Tower Canadian New
Talking with James...
Crime Pays
The Fays - War Tower Canadian New
Talking with James...
Song #11
The Fays - War Tower Canadian New
Fick You I'm Drink
Life-Size Men - Demo Canadian New
Fet Nat - Poule Mange Poule Canadian New
J'envoie - La Vitesse des Chats Sauvages Canadian
Now to a 2-song feature. Yes, it's a many-storied LP, may not need another celebration... but I managed to get my hands on the re-issue of Glenn Branca's 1980 LP 'The Ascension' at the latest Record Con - one of those LPs that the current music scene wouldn't be the same without!
The Spectacular Commodity
Glenn Branca - The Ascension
The Ascension
Glenn Branca - The Ascension
Now to some general all-round-music-playin'...
We're all Gonna Die
The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol (TBWNIAS) - Pathfinder Canadian New
Brain Phase
Panoptikon Eyelids - Overwhelming Visions Canadian New
Psychedelic Spy
Panoptikon Eyelids - Overwhelming Visions Canadian New
One good track deserves another from Montreal's new psychedelic emissaries. Now another set of 'general music, heading towards the jazz-rock side of things!
East of Eden - SNAFU
Ungava - Ungava Canadian
What did I Say About The Box, Jack?
If - If
Miriodor - Cobra Fakir Canadian
Too Far
Roddy Elias Trio - Monday's Dream Canadian
And finishing up with some old Kraut and some New (ish) Canadian post-rock, 'fit-for-spacing-out'!
Bel Air
Can - Future Days
Bermuda Triangle
High Watt Electrocutions - Bermuda Triangle Canadian
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