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Night Watch
Sunday February 10th, 2013 with Dāv Fot
Sleeping Goats! Inglewood Jack!

Sleeping Goats, David Thomas and the Pedestrians, Goat, Inglewood Jack, Voice of Seven Thunders, Salmon, Pirana, Wooden Shjips, ExCubus, Stomu Yamash'ts'a East Wind, Jakszyk/Fripp/Collins (a King Crimson ProjeKct), Carpe Diem, Carlos Santana/Mahavishnu John McLaughlin, Out Of Focus, Munoz, Don Ellis Orchestra
Excited about Ottawa Artist 'Sleeping goat's first tracks for his new LP... but the first set was marred by some technical glitches.
3rd Stone Landing Gear Co.
Sleeping Goats - Canadian New
Circling the Drain
Sleeping Goats - Canadian New
Lost in the Forest
Sleeping Goats - Canadian New
Big Breezy day
David Thomas and the Pedestrians - More Places Forever
Det Som Aldrig Forandras\Diarabi
Goat - World Music
Moving on to more local music... a band I never hooked into while they were a going concern. at least there's this live recording on Internet audio archive!
Hang Up your Hang Ups
Inglewood Jack - Canadian
Familiar Hangover
Inglewood Jack - Canadian
Voice of Seven Thunders - Kommune
Non-Stop Action Groove
Salmon - Rock Formations
And a brief trip to Austrailian Guitar-land, some new (-ish; Salmon) and some old (-ish; Pirana).
Pirana - II
Wooden Shjips - 'Echoes' Compilation
ExCubus - Memoires Incubussiennes Canadian
Stomu Yamash'ts'a East Wind - One By One
Working into a Prog mode for another feature - a King Crimson 'ProjeKct': Jakko M Jakszyk, Robert Fripp, Mel Collins, Tony Levin and Gavin Harrison play 'A Scarcity Of Miracles'. I haven't heard the LP yet, hoping for great things...
The Price We Pay
Jakszyk/Fripp/Collins (a King Crimson ProjeKct) - A Scarcity Of Miracles
Jakszyk/Fripp/Collins (a King Crimson ProjeKct) - A Scarcity Of Miracles
Well... that was... less than impressive. Once again, not wanting to put my expectations on musicians... but I wasn't really expecting a 'Adult Contemporary/Pop LP. There's all sorts of potential for something really mind-blowing with that crew... just not on this LP. Not for me, anyway.
Century Games
Carpe Diem - Way Out As The Time Goes By
The Life Divine
Carlos Santana/Mahavishnu John McLaughlin - Love Devotion Surrender
Ahhh... the guitar histrionics of John McLaughlin, wipe the 'Adult Contemporary' projecKt away!
Out Of Focus - Four Letter Monday Afternoon
The Shepherd's Chant
Munoz - Rendezvous With Now
In my efforts to put together a decent 'Jazz for Jacques' set last Nightwatch, I ran accross an artist, Don Ellis... and have vowed to get some of his material. there's precious little here at CKCU... but the Record show is coming up!
Final Anaylsis
Don Ellis Orchestra - At The Filmore
Excursion II
Don Ellis Orchestra - At The Filmore
The Magic Bus Ate my Doughnut
Don Ellis Orchestra - At The Filmore