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The Department of Imaginary Studies
Thursday November 5th, 2015 with DJ W, Mr. M
Funding Drive - Dial and Donate!

Let's Work Together!
On the Road Again
Canned Heat - The Best of Canned Heat
Let's Work Together
Canned Heat - The Best of Canned Heat
New York Telephone Conversation
Lou Reed - Transformer
Let's Work Together
Wilbert Harrison - Louie Louie
Anon Doleo Super Te
The Hilliard Ensemble - Medieval English Music
Let's Work Together
Ry Cooder - The Ry Cooder Anthology
BWV 988: Variation 6 a 1 Clav. Canone alla Seconda
Glenn Gould - Bach: Goldenberg Variations Canadian
Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance
Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention - We're Only In It for the Money
Let's Stick Together
Bob Dylan - Down in the Groove
Interactive CKCU
Andre Mazhar (host)
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6:28 AM, November 5th, 2015