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The Department of Imaginary Studies
Thursday October 8th, 2015 with Andrew, Saj and DJW

The Breakfast Show with Sir Guy Carleton brings you student band favourites Good2Go and AA Wallace, plus DJW reaches out to Ottawa West Nepean Candidates...find out who was up for the challenge! Thank you, Marlene Rivier, NDP Candidate for Ottawa West Nepean, for your responses to our questions! Don't forget to plan your Halloween with Good2Go at Irene's...OCt. 31st.
Good2Go - Bar-B-Que Canadian
AA Wallace - Single Canadian
Real Game Changer
Hilotrons - To Trip With Terpsichore Canadian
That’s Just the Way I Roll
Tony Turner - 23rd Great Canadian Song-Along Live Recording Canadian
Secret Name
AA Wallace - Single Canadian
Good2Go - Bar-B-Que Canadian
Du What U Wunt
AA Wallace - (disambiguation) Canadian
Lundy's Lane
Dave Miller - Rasputin's Folk Cafe 8th Annual Song Along Canadian
AA Wallace - (disambiguation) Canadian
Sell Out
Good2Go - Hard and Continuous Canadian
Interactive CKCU