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The Department of Imaginary Studies
Thursday January 29th, 2015 with Anna Cleat

Sir Guy Carleton's Radio Club brings you our farewell interview with Sir Guy's departing VP, Dean Bridgewater, and music to help study by for exam week. We loved playing Good2Go today. Check out a brand new track from Good2Go on our next show in 2 weeks. Check out Good2Go this Sat. Jan 31st with The Mere Humans at House of Targ ( 1077 Bank St...across from Mayfair Theatre) $8 - doors at 9pm.
Tom Ze - Brazil Classics 4: The Best of Tom Ze
I love you money
Lowell - We loved her dearly Canadian
Black Shadow
Beams - I love you money Canadian New
Paper Wings
Derek Olive - Mystery and Dust Canadian
Good2Go - C’mon Canadian
Dark Cloud Blues
Al Wood & the Woodsmen - Right on Cue Canadian
Weird Al Yankovic - Mandatory Fun
The Gutters and the Glass
Beams - The Way We Run Canadian New
Good2Go - Accessorize Canadian
Roaming Still
Cooper MacLaren - Roaming Still Canadian
I Believe
Al Wood &the Woodsmen - Right on Cue Canadian
So (Solidao)
Tom Ze - Brazil Classics 4: The Best of Tom Ze