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Black And Blues
Sunday January 9th, 2011 with Bruce Walton

I'm A King Bee (1957)
Slim Harpo - Sings "Raining In My Heart"
Long Gone (1966)
Shy Guy Douglas - Excello Records vol. 2
Rooster Blues (1959)
Lightning Slim - American Blues Legends
Miss You So (1957)
Lillian Offitt - Excello Records vol. 2
I'm A Lover Not A Fighter (1958)
Lazy Lester - Blues Deluxe
Baby Let's Play House (1954)
Arthur Gunter - Excello Records vol. 2
My Babe
Lightning Slim - Gods Of Blues
Quit My Drinkin' (1962)
Robert Garrett - Excello Records vol. 2
Lester's Stomp (1966)
Lazy Lester - Underground Blues Essentials
Hoo Doo Blues (1957)
Lightning Slim - A Beginner's Guide To Blues vol.2
Sugar-Coated Love (1958)
Lazy Lester - Roll Your Money Maker- Early Black Rock & Roll
Lazy Lester - Blues On My Radio
Snoopin' Around
Slim Harpo - Sings "Raining In My Heart"
The World Don't Owe You Nothing (1973)
Sam Dees - Oxford American Southern Music CD 2010
River's Invitation
Geoff Muldaur & Amos Garrett - S/T (c. 1980)
Mud Boy & The Neutrons - Known Felons In Drag (1986)
Sundown Town
Ry Cooder - My Name Is Buddy (2007)
Hard Times
Noble 'Thin Man' Watts & His Rhythm Sparks - Golden Age Of American Rock & Roll
Down In The Alley (1970)
Ronnie Hawkins - Best Of
Sloppy Drunk
Geoff Muldaur & Amos Garrett - S/T
Matchbox (1971)
Ralph 'Soul' jackson - Oxford American Southern Music CD 2010
My Tears Came Rolling Down
Geoff Muldaur & Amos Garrett - S/T
Tell Me Why
Joe Louis Walker - Between A Rock & The Blues (2009)
Sit Back Down
Little Esther - Fine Brown Sugar
How Does It Feel (1967)
Bobby Womack - Atlantic Unearthed - Soul Brothers
I'll Upset You Baby
Lula Reed - Fine Brown Sugar
You Left The Water Running (1969)
Sam & Dave - Atlantic Unearthed - Soul Brothers
Pig Latin Blues
Laverne Baker - Fine Brown Sugar
Rome (Wasn't Built In A Day) (1967)
Arthur Conley - Atlantic Unearthed - Soul Brothers
Get On Back On The Right Track (c. 1972)
Mary Gresham - Oxford American Southern Music CD 010
That's How It Feels (1968)
The Soul Clan - Atlantic Unearthed - Soul Brothers
I'm Gonna Latch On
Marie Adams - Fine Brown Sugar