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Black And Blues
Sunday October 24th, 2010 with John Tackaberry
"Please Don't Leave Me" - The old and the new on Electro-Fi

My Babey Wants To Boogie
Mel Brown - Love, Lost and Found - Electro-Fi New
Cryiin' The Blues
Fenton Robinson - Upside n' Down Tight - Electro-Fi
Nobody Knows
Willie Big Eyes Smith - Bluesin' It - Electro-Fi
Out In The Cold
Lil' Dave Thompson - Got To Get Over You - Electro-Fi
Lonely Times
Andrew Jr, Boy Jones - Gettin' Real - Electro-Fi
Boogie Woogie Showdown
Kenny Blus Boss Wayne - Piano Blues-Rama - Electro-Fi Canadian New
Let's Have A Balll
Finis Tasby - What My Blues Are Alll About - Electro-Fi
I'm Here To Stay
Sharrie Williams - I'm Here To Stay - Electro-Fi
Jump And Shout
Chris Whiteley & Diana Braithwaite - Deltaphonic - Electro-Fi
Stranded In Detroit
Harmonica Shah - If All You Have Is A Hammer - Electro Fi
Please Don't Leave Me
Bobby Dean Blackburn - Don't Ask Don't Tell - Electro-Fi
I Want You
Fathead - First Class Riff-Raff - Electro-Fi Canadian
Waiting On You
The Johnny Max Band - It's A Long Road - Pour Soul Records Canadian New
Howlin' With Hubert
JW Jones - Midnight Memphis Sun - NorthernBlues Music New
Nothing Costs A Nickel
Pork Belly Futures - the crooked road - Cordova Bay Canadian New
Travelling Shoes
Robert Randollph and The Family Band - We Walk This Road - Warner Bros
Don't Let The Door Knob Hit You
Buddy Guy - Living Proof - Silvertone Canadian
Cloudy Weather
Lefty Dizz - Ain't It Niice To Be Loved - JSP Canadian
Yield Not To Temptation
Jim Byrnes - Everywhere West - Black Hen Canadian New
Ain't I Got A Right To Be Wrong
Eden Brent - Ain't Got No Troubles - Yellow Dog New
Gonna Find Somone
Mitch Kashmar - 100 Miles To Go - Delta Groove New
Living Proof
Buddy Guy - Living Proof - Silvertone New