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The Sixties
Sunday October 23rd, 2011 with Dave Sampson
Funding Drive Show #1

Having A Wild Weekend
The Dave Clark Five - Having A Wild Weekend - Bits & Pieces
Outside Chance
Warren Zevon - The First Sessions - Varese
All The Best People Do It
The Humblebums - Please Sing A Song For Us - Castle/Sanctuary
Devoted To You
The Esquires - The Singles...Plus - Pacemaker/Mousehole Music Canadian
Push Don't Pull
The Ragamuffins(AKA The Music Machine) - Ignition - Sundazed
The Robbs - The Robbs - CCM
Who Do You Think You Are
The Shindogs - V/A Ain't It Hard-Garage & Psych From Viva Records - Sundazed
As We Go Along
The Monkees - "Head" Deluxe Soundtrack Box - Rhino Handmade
We're Doing Fine
The Townsmen - We're Doing Fine/The Anthology - Pacemaker/Mousehole Music Canadian