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The Sixties
Sunday July 1st, 2018 with Dave Sampson & Roch Parisien
Theme: Changes

Bob Harrington - Unreleased master - Sir John A Canadian
Winds Of Change
Eric Burdon & The Animals - The Best Of - Polydor
Excerpt From A Teenage Opera
Keith West - V/A Our Generation - TellyDisc
Hot Generation
The Sunsets - V/A Hot Generation - Big Beat/Ace
She Hangs Out
The Monkees - Headquarters(Deluxe edition) - Rhino
Going All The Way
The Squires - V/A Nuggets(Box Set) - Rhino
Lady Friend
The Byrds - Never Before - Murray Hill
She's Got The Time(She's Got The Changes)
The Poor - The Poor - Rev-Ola
Interactive CKCU
David Sampson (host)
I had sadly neglected to include this list of thank you's to the program. I had it in the script but my printer didn't print the page. A list of Thank You's to all the fill in and guest hosts over the years: List of Fill in Hosts(In No particular order) Allan Wigney, Paul Sheridan, Bob Whitmore, Al Surmachynski, Terry “Dr. Love” Flanagan, Steve Kirkland, Ginny Fanthome, Matthew Crosier, Charles Anthony and Doug Bird. Along with guests like Tony Copple, Dave Bingham(of the Ugly Ducklings), The late Richard Patterson drummer for the Esquires, Children, 3’s a Crowd, Canada Goose and many other bands-who was very open to give his time, his archives and his knowledge to our program. Doug McKeen-the publisher of the Swing set charts as well as running a number of businesses that catered to music and musicians. The late Keith Richardson of the Ottawa’s Five D and later the Yohawks. I was a huge fan of all of the local Sir John A records bands, but at the time I interviewed him, I had a total of one of the dozen and a half singles released. I had borrowed singles and Keith brought in a copy of the reel to reel master. Little did I know 30 years later that I’d be actually working with the master tapes and have scads of unreleased material from them and other bands on the label – such as Don Norman & The Other 4, The Deuces, The Eastern Passage, Paper Dream, Those Naughty Boys among others. Again, thanks to all of you for listening for the past 34 years. It wouldn't have been the great ride it's been without you. I actually feel a terrible guilt for leaving now - but I am need of a change of pace and I'm looking for another way to bring this music to you. The music still flows in my blood and I'm not about to let it stop flowing yet. Thanks for Tunin'.

7:16 PM, July 1st, 2018
Julie M.
All the best Dave. We are sorry to see your show come to an end!

8:40 PM, July 1st, 2018
Tony Paskell
Just got 'wind' of your last show Dave, what a shocker.

2:17 PM, July 4th, 2018