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The Sixties
Sunday July 6th, 2014 with Dave Sampson, Ian McLeish, Steve Schijns, Roch Parisien
The Sixties 30th Anniversary Special: Part 1

This week marks the Sixties 30th anniversary on the air on CKCU-FM, this is a special 3 hour special from 8-11pm. Launched officially Tuesday, July 3rd 1984 at 11pm - original host Steve Schijns helped to bring a broader perspective of that decade in music to Ottawa's airwaves. Roch Parisien, Ian McLeish & Chris Lyne were handed the reins in November of '85 and each took their own unique perspective to the program. With Chris' departure in the summer of '86 - Dave Sampson was brought in as fill in host - and became full time host in 1991. Join Roch, Ian, Dave and original host Steve for a look back at 30 years of the Sixties on CKCU and the decade of music that saw rock & roll come of age and blossom.
Good Times
Love - ...
Going All the Way
The Squires - ...
Dave Byngham (Ugly Ducklings) interview clip
Just in Case You Wonder
The Ugly Ducklings - ... Canadian
The Fourmyula - ...
The Letter
The Arbors - ...
The Real Thing
Russell Morris - ---
Part 2 available at:
Interactive CKCU
David Leibold (host)
Congratulations on 30 years of The Sixties

8:16 PM, July 6th, 2014
Shelby Tattersy
Wild to hear Roch Parisien on the air again.

6:32 PM, July 8th, 2014
David Sampson (host)
We'll have Roch up again soon. Once you get the radio bug, it's impossible to get rid of ;)

8:21 PM, July 9th, 2014
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