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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday September 4th, 2012 with Martha Walsh
Folkfest 2012

Finding Chuck - unreleased Canadian
After you
Josef Mieto - Bad Eyes Canadian
Chase the Light Acoutic Live
Matt Mays - Coyote Canadian New
Hard times
Kelly Sloan - Kelly Sloan Canadian
This is How We Swim
Lukas Grant - Choice Canadian
Binary Star Featuring Sarah Harmer
Danny Michel - Sunset Sea Canadian
Lemon Pie
Missy Burgess - Lemon Pie Canadian
Zero Orchestra
Matthew Good - Lights of Endangered Species Canadian
No Death
Mirel Wagner - Mirel Wagner
Proof of Love
Old Man Luedecke - Proof of Love Canadian
Black Water
Timber Timbre - Creep On Creepin' On Canadian
Life is Good
Brock Zeman - Ya Ain't Crazy Henny Penny Canadian
She comes to me in Dreams
Great Lake Swimmers - Lost Channels Canadian
Gettin' Down On The Mountain
Corb Lund - Losin' Lately Gambler Canadian New
Northern Redemption
The Abrams Brothers - Northern Redemption Canadian
Dear Departed
Nudie & The Turks - Looking fior a Good Time Canadian
Achillies Desire
Whitehorse - The fate of the woprld depends on this kiss Canadian New
The Burning of Atlanta
Belle Starr - The Burning of Atlanta Canadian
When I write my Master's Thesis
John K. Samson - Provincial Canadian
About as helpful as you can be without being any help at all
Dan Mangan - Oh Fortune Canadian
Bon Iver - Bon Iver