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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday August 14th, 2012 with Martha Walsh

Basement Apartment
Maplemoose and the beaver patrol - Live Cover Canadian
Fire in your heart
Stephen Thomas - Perspective Canadian
Mirrors Collapse
Dead Culture Society - Life Dies before us Canadian
Aniother sun
The Crooked Brothers - Lawrence, Where's your knife Canadian
Hell;s alll Of Mirrors
J M Farr - Samples Canadian
If we love each other
J M Farr - Samples Canadian
Passing Through
Jay Aymar - Passing Through Canadian
Single Tear
Thorbjorn Risanger - Dust and Scratches Canadian
Says the Spark
Amos the Transparent - Goodnight my dear I'm falling apart Canadian
Got My Heart
Battle Mountain Band - Can't Do It Canadian
There's a dark cloud hanging over me
Pat Moore and The Vinyl Frontier - Take It to Heart Canadian
Bunkin' on Ladouceur
Jonesey - Living in the Old West End Canadian New
Finding Chuck - upcoming cd Canadian
La Fiesta
Natalia and Montuno - Moving North Canadian
Freedom's Emotion
Dynamite Motel - Dynamite Motel Canadian
Dirtier dancing
Alexy and the other side - Last Man on Earth Canadian
Your Ghost
Our friend & The Spiders - Walk Me Out Canadian New
Paris is Leaning
Howard Rent a Car - Self-titled Canadian
Rosie Loves Mickey
The Pelts - The Pelts Canadian
Drive All Night
Ottawa Valley Special - Self Titled Canadian