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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday July 24th, 2012 with Martha Walsh

Ain't Nobody Home
The Chantrelles - Ain't Nobody Home Canadian
She's Got STyle
Franchot Tone - Live
Tippin Boats
The John Punch Band - The John Punch Band Canadian
Blur the Lines
Capital Grass And The No Men - Don't Wait For The Mountain Canadian
Crossed The Line
Old Stereo - Ols Stereo Canadian
Soul Sweeping
Sherman Downey and The Silver Lining - Honey for Bees Canadian
Then Again I Don't
Sarah Peterson and The Vision - Sarah Peterson and The Vision Canadian
Dead Man's Hand Blues
Dang Guilty - Tail Draggin' Canadian New
Rosie loves Mickey
The Pelts - The Pelts Canadian
Last Night in Shangri-la
Partizen - Partizen Canadian
The Very Best of Me
Fiona Noakes - Out of The Shadows Canadian
These Walls
Teddy Geiger - These Walls
All You Beautiful Girls
Laurent Bourque - What We Talk About Canadian
Slipping by Pieces
Sharon Coward - Slipping by Pieces Canadian
One Pure Thought
Landon A.R. Coleman - One Pure Thought Canadian New
Out Come Stars
Odds - Nest Canadian