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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday January 2nd, 2024 with Martha Walsh
A New Year 2024 - my personal choices for best of 2023 Canadian Artists with a focus on Local - in no particular order.

Top 50 Albums of 2023 CKCU
Mar's Local Connection theme
Still Winter Hills - unreleased Canadian
Brown Eyed and Blue Skies
umberlune - Pretty Little Bones Canadian
Wishful Thinking
Bryan Butler - Single Release Canadian
If You Were A River
Selina Martin - Time Spent Swimming Canadian
Grow Up
Area Resident - Phosphene Canadian
Light In Me
Lynne Hanson - Single Release Canadian
Overheard in an All Night Diner
Ryan Wayne - Crow Amongst The Sparrows Canadian
Lori Yates - Matador Canadian
Leaving You With Less
Mikhail Laxton - Mikhail Laxton Canadian
Old Verona
Tin Constellations - Things To Tell You About Birds Canadian New
Cassie Noble - No Where To Go But Everywhere Canadian
Drag The Mississippi
The Bushpilots - Kings of Mustang Canadian New
Tim Baker - Along The Mountain Road Canadian
Rainy Day Parade and Purple Hearts
Lowest Of The Low - Welcome To The Plunderdome Canadian
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