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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday September 19th, 2023 with Martha Walsh
SOCAN WEEK ! New music from Lowest of the Low, Barenaked Ladies, Tim Baker, Hey Major, Doom 'An Blue, Yukon Blonde, Royal Wood,Corduroy Moon, Cassie Noble and Umberlune. Tracks from summersets, Bryan Butler, Ryan Wayne, and Area Resident.

Mar's Local Connection theme Song
Still Winter Hills - unreleased Canadian
Hey Kid (You Got Soul)
Lowest of the Low - Welcome To The Plunderdome Canadian New
What Do We Need?
Barenaked Ladies - In Flight Canadian New
Leaving On The Evening Tide (Ron Hynes Cover)
Tim Baker - Sonny Don't Go Away - A Tribute to Ron Hynes Canadian New
Sun and the Moon
Hey Major - Down the Ride Canadian New
Black Hole Blues
Doom 'An Blue - Single Release Canadian New
Yukon Blond - Shuggie Canadian New
Starting Again
Royal Wood - Just Another Day Canadian New
Summersets - Small Town Story Canadian
Cassie Noble - Nowhere To Go But Everywhere Canadian New
Brown Eyed and Blue Skied
Umberlune - Pretty Little Bones Canadian New
Overheard In An All Night Diner
Ryan Wayne - Crow Amongst The Sparrows Canadian
Wishful Thinking
Bryan Butler - Single Release Canadian
Fade Into Night
Corduroy Moon - Fade Into Night Canadian New
Grow Up
Area Resident - Phosphene Canadian
Interactive CKCU
umberlune 💜
Thanks so much for the SOCAN week play!!!

10:14 AM, September 28th, 2023