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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday August 8th, 2023 with Martha Walsh
New music, old music, all music makes me happy!

Mar's Local Connection theme Song
Still Winter Hills - unreleased Canadian
Vicious Cycle Blues
Al Wood & The Woodsmen - Right On Cue Canadian
Orion's Belt
Lynne Hanson - Ice Cream In November Canadian
New Carburator, Yur Golden
Area Resident - Phosphene Canadian New
Rainbows in Gasoline
Amanda Marshall - Heavy Lifting Canadian New
Maybe, just maybe
Dave McEathron - Abandoned Companions Canadian
My Dear Old Friend
Gentlemen of The Woods - This Great Unknown Canadian
Metro Line 2
Tin Constellations - A Cosmonauts Lament Canadian
The Great Fire (of 1870)
Paul Weber - Live at Red Bird Music Canadian
Away From the Sun
Evil Creek - Away From The Sun Canadian
TANDM - Sirens Canadian New
The Miser
Excuse Me - Single Release Canadian
Interactive CKCU
I'm tuned in & know what a carburator does. They still run small gas engines....

10:23 AM, August 8th, 2023
happy, happy, happy new n old, happi, happi ' oer tumblin' Love, so high oh my, Martha. Miigwech

10:58 AM, August 8th, 2023
Martha Walsh (host)
Thank you gentlegypsie Miigwech to you as well

11:02 AM, August 8th, 2023