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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday May 30th, 2023 with Martha Walsh
Canadian tracks, new and old, all the way this week

New tracks this week from Jerry Leger, LH Express, Church of Trees, July Talk, Hey Major, Ryan Wayne and Umberline. Also this week tracks from artists with upcoming local shows: Paul Weber, and Megan Jerome Together Ensemble. Mar's Local Connection where more Canadian Musicians get more airtime on the mighty 93.1
Mar's Local Connection Theme Song
Still Winter Hills - unreleased Canadian
Six Feet Clower To You
The Bubbles Feat. Rebecca Campbell - Single Release Canadian
And The Time Flew By
Jerry Leger - The Time Flew By Canadian New
Paul Manchin - Single Release Canadian
Hot Minute
LH Express - Painting Stars Canadian New
Little Bones
Irish Mythen - Little Bones Canadian
Circus Parade
Paul Weber - Live at The Redbird Canadian
Megan Jerome Together Ensemble - Together Ensemble Canadian
Rob Sturt Loss of Function Mix Paralyzed
Church of Trees - Courage Canadian New
When You Stop (Piano Version)
July Talk - Single Release Canadian New
You're So Cold (I'm on Fire)
Hey Major - Down The Ride Canadian New
Oh My Maria
Ryan Wayne - Crow Amongst The Sparrows Canadian New
Brown Eyed and Blue Skied
Umberlune - Pretty Little Bones Canadian New
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10:10 AM, May 30th, 2023