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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday October 4th, 2011 with Martha Walsh

Ready to Start
Arcade Fire - The Suburbs Canadian
Follow the leader
Sloan - The Double Cross Canadian
Never coming back
Jadea Kelly - Eastbound platform Canadian
Sinners Tongue
Static Revolt - Static Revolt Canadian
P.S. I love you fet. Diamond Rings - Leftovers Canadian
Every hour every day
James Plouffe and the Shotgun Wedding - James Plouffe and the shotgun wedding Canadian
Come and go
Brothers Through the Hill - Brothers through the hill Canadian
What other Guy
Adam Cohen - Like a Man Canadian New
Dungeon of Love
C R Avery - So it goes Canadian
Dinosaur Bones - My Divider Canadian
Daughter's Man
The Birthday Boys - Tin Head Canadian
Memoryhouse - The Years Canadian
Queen and Tequilla
The Mahones - Irish Punk Collection Canadian
For Those Who Hate the Human Race
The Peptides - For Those Who Hate Human Interaction Canadian