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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday November 1st, 2022 with Martha Walsh
Funding Drive 2022 Show # 1

Local music is our mandate. CKCU is a Community. If you found it on CKCU, fund CKCU! This is the donation page for Mar's Local Connection
Mar's Local Connection Theme Song
Still Winter Hills - unreleased Canadian
Bye, Bye Little Blue Bird
Al Wood & The Woodsmen - Live Canadian
I Think I'm Gonna Change The World
R.W. Haller - Live at Pressed Canadian
Ottawa Lament
Paul Weber - Single Release Canadian
Chris Landry - Marylou Canadian New
Wild Lion Tacos
Kristine St-Pierre w/ Nick James Beaton - Live at Irene's May 2022 Canadian
Steve Stacey & The Stumpsplitters - Tall Tales, Fibs & Outright Lies Canadian
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