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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday September 20th, 2011 with Martha Walsh
interview with Lefty McRighty for O-town Hoedown

Ready to start
Arcade Fire - The suburbs Canadian
Killing time is Early
Whitehorse - Whitehorse Canadian
West Side Street
The Deep Dark Woods - The Place I left Behind Canadian New
When the Train go by
Ol' Savannah - Ol' Savannah Canadian
The Woody Allens
The Woody Allens - Used to It Canadian
Boom Boom Room
Ginger St. James - Spank Sparkle and Growl Canadian
Day Today
Good To Go - C'Mon Canadian
Willow Weep for Me
Renée Yoxon - Let's Call It a Day Canadian
Wishful thinking
Robert Larisey - Nights Take Forever Canadian
Baby Why you been gone so long
The Dusty Drifters - Live@Zaphods Canadian
The Train Jumpers - The Train Jumpers Canadian
The Woody Allens
Teh Woody Allens - Used to It Canadian
The Drunker you get
Big Tobacco and the Pickers - Big Tobacco and the Pickers Canadian
66 Miles
Brothers Through the Hill - Adelaide Canadian
I left the City burning
Orit Shimoni - I left the city Burning Canadian