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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday November 16th, 2021 with Martha Walsh
November is a time for remembering and hope

Mar's local connection theme song
Still Winter Hills - unreleased Canadian
That's The Life For Me
Amos the Transparent - This Cold Escape Canadian
Bye, Bye Little Blue Bird
Al Wood & The Woodsmen - Live Canadian
Hold Steady
The Glorious Sons - Hold Steady Canadian New
Forgotten Soldier
Paul Weber - Single Release Canadian New
The Deep Dark Woods - Live Canadian
Mars attacks
Trenchfoot - Objects in the Mirror Are More Damaged Than They Appear Canadian
People Are Strange
The Dead South - Easy Listening For Jerks Part 2 Canadian New
Forever and A Day
Werth It - Single Release Canadian New
I Am Water
July Talk - I Am Water Canadian New
Lynne Hanson - Single Release Canadian New
St. Stephen's Band - Demos Canadian New
Ego Hook - A New Alone Canadian
Interactive CKCU
good show!

11:24 AM, November 16th, 2021